Engineering Document Management Software

Streamline your engineering teams with our EDMS solutions, designed for collaboration, version control, markups, and effortless sharing of accurate information. Available in both cloud-based and on-premises.

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Unleash Best Practices with a Powerful EDMS

Easily store, access, and share the most up-to-date engineering drawings and information to enhance decision-making, security and safety, while eliminating costly inefficiency using the right engineering document management system.

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Access a Single Source of Truth Anywhere, Anytime

Provide instant access to, accurate, up-to-date documents and drawings. Build trust, while reducing costs, downtime, and accidents.

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Streamline Document Change Management

Streamline concurrent engineering and leverage automation to keep complex change management and document versions under control.

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Foster Seamless Stakeholder Collaboration

Eliminate silos between maintenance, engineering, and external contractors with easy collaboration in a common data environment.

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Connect Systems for Maximum Efficiency

Extend the power of your engineering document management system (EDMS) by integrating it with other critical systems.

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Keep Your Teams Safe

Our RedEye and Meridian centralized repositories provide instant access to the most up-to-date drawings and documentation, which are critical to safety.

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Access to Your Records Anytime

Retrieve engineering information anywhere, anytime using our apps on iOS and Android, with offline access for sites with no internet.

Software to Optimize Your EDMS

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Director of Infrastructure Management, Las Vegas Valley Water District

“We went from 464,000 drawings down to 351,000 by removing direct duplicates, a 24% reduction, and time spent searching for drawings went down to two minutes. Our information is now quickly accessible.”

Greg Kodweis

Director of Infrastructure Management

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Your Engineering Information Available Anywhere, Anytime

Empower your maintenance, engineering, project teams and contractors with seamless collaboration and powerful tools that support compliance.

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Slash Admin Time

Eliminate time wasted on mundane tasks like finding  up-to-date drawings and documents. Enhance handover drawing quality with automation, identifying missing XREFs, PlotStyles, or Fonts ensuring all crucial details are included.

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Effortless Collaboration

Create a collaborative single source of truth to efficiently store, markup, and share native CAD and work-in-progress engineering documents. Say goodbye to inaccuracies and version control issues.

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Maintain Compliance

Empower your team with the transparency needed to enhance compliance and reinforce governance. Our audit trail, version control, workflows, user and artefact reporting, and data security measures, ensuring your organization stays accountable and compliant.

Stay Ahead wth Powerful EDMS Capabilities

Learn how our powerful EDMS solutions can help your organization.

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Accruent’s EDMS solutions empower companies to optimize and maintain their assets throughout their lifecycle, modernize and upgrade their networks, and drive operational resilience.

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Metals and Mining

Accruent streamlines compliance with regulations, reduces costs, and optimizes operations. With robust data security, our solutions ensuring data integrity and protect IP.

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Products designed to integrate your world

Accruent software allows you to fully optimize the lifecycle of your asset and facilities, offering connected workflows, integrated experiences and data-backed insights.

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Desk, Room and Event Scheduling Made Easy

Workplace management software simplifies desk, meeting and resource scheduling for your office or campus.

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Real Estate Management Software

Market-leading real estate software solutions manage lease, site planning and construction complexities.

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