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Engineering Document Management Software

Provide real-time collaboration and a single source of truth by leveraging an engineering document management (EDM) solution, purpose-built for today’s engineering professionals.  

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Unleash the Power of an Enterprise EDMS

There’s no time to lose and too much at stake for today’s maintenance, engineering, and project teams. Empower them with frictionless communication and immediate access to the most up-to-date information to help them make good decisions and ensure success using the right engineering document management system.

Access a Single Source of Truth Anywhere, Anytime

Provide instant access to complete, accurate, and most up-to-date documents, drawings, and data. Build trust, increase productivity, save time, and optimize efficiencies while reducing costs, downtime, and accidents.

Streamline Document Change Management

Track parallel changes, streamline concurrent engineering and approval processes, and leverage automation to keep complex change management projects and document versions under control, on time, and compliant without sacrificing data quality and integrity.

Foster Seamless Collaboration Between Key Stakeholders

Break down information silos between maintenance, engineering, and external contractors to easily communicate, collaborate, transmit, and hand off the latest document versions and information.  

Achieve Greater Synergy With Strategic Business System Integrations

Extend the power of our engineering document management system (EDMS) by integrating with other critical systems and users throughout the enterprise to experience your organization utilizing all resources to their greatest potential.

Keep Your Teams Safe

Ensure employee safety by providing them with what they need to make smart decisions. Meridian’s centralized repository provides instant access to the most up-to-date documentation, which is critical during an emergency.

Power to Scale

Meridian supports global organizations with many locations and has the ability to manage hundreds of thousands of interrelated documents, drawings, and information throughout the entire document lifecycle.

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