Mitigate Risk

GASB, IASB, and FASB Compliance Software

Maintain compliance with financial reporting standards, accurately classify leases, generate precise accounting schedules, and ensure data integrity.

lease accounting software

Ensure Compliance Across Leases

Improve transparency for the amount, timing, and uncertainty of cash flows related to leases with Accruent Lucernex lease accounting software. Make accounting standards compliance simple by taking advantage of the benefits at your fingertips.

Automated GASB, IASB, and FASB Compliance

Mitigate audit-associated risks with a comprehensive, automated solution for achieving and maintaining compliance.

Enhanced Data Security

Reduce cybersecurity risks to your sensitive financial information with tools like penetration testing, encryption, authentication, and role-based access controls.

Simplified Document Management

Centralize information and create alerts when a document is ready for review or auditing, thereby streamlining your document management.

Effective Data Forecasting

Effectively budget, forecast, and allocate funds with an automated solution that lowers the risk of human error — thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

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How do GASB and FASB cash flow statements differ?

GASB cash flow statements center around operating activities and capital financing activities. They usually encompass inflows and outflows of cash related to grants, taxes, and capital asset acquisitions. 

FASB cash flow statements take on the “flow of funds” measurement focus, adhering to the standard operating and investing activities framework in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).


Does Accruent’s compliance software ensure accuracy throughout all financial reporting?

Yes, Accruent’s compliance software uses validation rules, standardized templates, and can identify discrepancies to keep financial data consistent across different sources. 

Generate error-free financial statements with confidence and meet all regulatory requirements. Remain compliant with comprehensive alerts and status updates.

 Automated calculations will reduce the risk for human error and maintain consistency in reporting.


Can compliance software perform regulatory audits and reviews?

Yes, Accruent's compliance software can help organizations easily manage regulatory audits and reviews. Stay on top of all financials from leases to accounting schedules to ensure operational success and data integrity. 

Audits enable businesses to perform more accurate forecasts, saving them time, money, and resources.


What other systems can Accruent’s compliance software integrate with?

Integrate with the tools you already rely on, including your CMS, FM (Funnel Management), and ERP software like SAP or Oracle. 

Accruent’s integrations allow teams to centralize data from outside sources into one place, making it easier for all to stay connected and on top of compliance needs.


What features should I look for in Accruent’s compliance software?

Adherence to specific accounting standards and local compliance laws are the baselines within compliance software, but it should also provide valuable financial insights to help organizations scale. 

By automating critical accounting processes, organizations can remove many logistical hurdles and frustrations from their financial workflows.