With 360Space, create a hierarchy of detailed data associated to sites, land entities, buildings/structures, floors and rooms to increase visibility into underutilized space.

As part of the easy-to-use cloud-based 360Workplace suite of products, 360Space can integrate with 360Facility to automate the countless transactions associated with moves.

Benefits of Space Management Software from Accruent

Reduce Vacancy Rates

Understand space availability and constraints by reviewing and allocating space by department, tracking employee location down to the sub-space level.

Create and Manage Graphical Reports for Quick Analysis

Link with AutoCAD® and Revit®, the world’s leading CAD platforms, to create visual maps from dozens of themed floor plans with related asset, work order, department and vacancy functionalities. Use a diverse series of out-of-box reports to further analyze space and occupancy.

Complete Moves Faster

Integrate with work order management to automate the countless transactions required to accurately track, schedule, reserve, execute and report on moves of people and facility assets. Gain better insight into actual move costs and level of effort to improve expense allocation and resource planning.

Improve Accuracy and Overall Space Utilization

Improve occupancy and space data accuracy with configurable space survey templates, visual move planning and allocation scenarios, identifying more efficient space use and maximizing allocated space.

Streamline Space Planning Process

Monitor current space usage to determine best-use scenarios. Create multiple planning scenarios for space allocations and occupant placement to help forecast and plan for moves and assign resources to predict space needs.

Consolidate Facility and Space-Related Data

Consolidate all space-related data and manage your facilities with 360Workplace. Use a single source to eliminate duplicate data entry and view the whole facilities lifecycle. Provide instant visibility to all stakeholders – facility managers, space planners, project managers and lease administrators.

With 360Space, you can use your space more efficiently to complete moves faster while creating a hub of data for enterprise resource planning. Contacting an Accruent sales representative to learn how space planning software like 360Space can help corporate customers reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.