• 360Facility

    As part of 360Workplace, 360Facility is a cloud-based software solution designed from the ground up to manage any facility maintenance management or service requirement to save time and improve customer satisfaction, improving overall efficiency and reducing costs.

    • Facilities and Maintenance Management

      Improve operational efficiencies with automated work orders and maintenance activities. Manage work order completion, assignments, service levels, labor hours and costs.

    • Asset and Inventory Management

      With Accruent’s asset management software, manage and maintain the quality of assets by maintaining data for all assets. Capture information related to inventory and supplies for your property or company.

    • Vendor Management

      Securely manage vendor interactions and information, tracking and managing critical vendor information such as Certificates of Insurance (COI) and other contract/compliance information.

    • Knowledge Management

      Access a single source of truth for documentation with a secure repository of policies, procedures and best practices that your team can tap into at any time.

    • Reporting and Dashboards

      Enable decision-making and strategic planning with real-time data, including at-a-glance KPIs of key metrics.

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  • 360Space

    As the hub of spatial data for enterprise resource planning, 360Space allows you to evaluate and plan space usage to optimize utilization and decrease total occupancy costs. 360Space is a cloud-based space management software product that is part of the 360Workplace, Accruent’s enterprise project management software solution.

    • Visual Space Planning

      Create and manage graphical reports for quick analysis by linking with AutoCAD® and Revit®, the world’s leading platforms, to create visual maps.

    • Space Survey

      Improve accuracy and overall space utilization with the capability to use configurable space survey templates to create multiple planning scenarios for space allocations and occupant placement.

    • Move Management

      Complete moves faster by integrating space with work order management to automate the countless transactions associated with moves. 

    • Strategic Planning

      Streamline the space planning process by monitoring current space usage to determine best-use scenarios. Forecast and plan for moves while assigning resources to predict space needs.

    • Dashboards and Reporting

      Leverage real-time dashboards to gain insights and enable smart decision-making with data filtering and high-quality and interactive visualizations.

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  • 360Projects

    360Projects is an easy-to-use construction project software solution. The cloud-based software product is purpose-built for corporate real estate, ensuring that you are able to track all aspects of your construction or remodel. With 360Projects, you can stay on budget and on time while lowering costs and improving efficiency.

    • Document Management

      Ensure data integrity and improve efficiency and collaboration with a standardized, collaborative online environment.

    • Location and Project Information

      Access a single source of truth for all of your project information, including facility specifications, vendor information and contact details for key project stakeholders.

    • Milestone Management

      Complete projects on time with an ability to adjust schedules dynamically based on actual progress. Manage planned, projected and actual dates (both start and end).

    • Task Management

      Keep your project teams aligned with the ability to manage and track ad-hoc tasks.

    • Dashboards and Reporting

      Gain insights into real-time data to enable decision making, including aggregated analysis of all projects in your portfolio.

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  • 360Lease

    360Lease is an easy-to-use lease administration software solution that is designed from the ground up to manage and control rental and occupancy costs, streamlining the full lease lifecycle and driving productivity. As part of the 360Workplace software solutions suite, 360Lease is quick-to-implement, easy-to-use, and a key component of a comprehensive corporate real estate and facilities lifecycle system.

    • Lease Administration

      Increase efficiency in lease executions. Eliminate abstract inefficiencies with standardized templates using a flexible, wizard-style lease abstraction tool. 

    • Rent Payment Processing

      Streamline rent processing and manage tenant collections. 

    • Expense and Tax Compliance

      Increase visibility into expenses and taxes. Reduce or eliminate tax obligations or penalties by increasing visibility into total costs.

    • FASB Classification

      Ensure FASB compliance. Eliminate the time-intensive and high-risk process of manually generating and managing straight-line rent schedules. 

    • Reporting and Dashboards

      Gain insight into key lease metrics with at-a-glance KPIs, which can be viewed in high-quality and interactive visualizations. 

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