EMS Flex: One-Click Desk Booking

Book your workspace ― fast and easy! EMS Flex is a simple and elegant booking experience that lets you reserve a desk in as little as one click.

Discover the Future of Space Management!

A Peek Inside EMS Flex

See how our one-click desk booking software can help you simplify your space booking and improve utilization.

One-Click Desk Booking

Quickly find and book the desk of your choice for your meetings, appointments, or daily work.

Find People and Book With Them

Use the "find people" feature to make sure you're sitting next to the right teammates and coworkers.

Book Conference and Meeting Rooms

Need a larger space for group huddles or meetings? This is simple in EMS Flex.

Simple Admin Configurations

Allow administrators to easily manage and configures your buildings and rooms

Interactive Demo

Streamline your workspace management - Dive into the interactive demo of EMS Flex now and elevate your booking process

Streamlined Workspace Booking

Find the ideal place at the office to get work done


Easy desk booking

No more scrambling to find a workspace. Just open the software and locate the perfect space where you can be most productive.


Preferred locations

Set up your preferences ― location, temperature, noise level, etc. — and EMS Flex automatically suggests optimal spaces.


Improved collaboration

Want to work near a colleague? Search by username and opt in so others can find you.


Utilization insights

Your organization can discover which spaces are being underutilized for informed space management decisions.


Creating the Flexible Workplace

Is your space being managed to its optimal outcome? The EMS Flex workspace booking solution helps your organization make the best possible use of valuable office real estate.