Easily Find And Join the Right Teammates

Book a desk or room next to your preferred teammates - or find some much-needed privacy - to maximize collaboration and productivity

Maximize Your Space's Flexibility

Allow hybrid or flexible team members to choose the ideal spaces for their unique schedules, projects, or tasks

Gain Big-Picture Insights

Admin can see exactly what spaces are most popular, and which areas are underutilized, to make informed space utilization decisions

Enjoy Lightweight Software

EMS Flex is easy to deploy, implement, and configure, meaning that you can be operational in a matter of days

Book your workspace ― fast and easy! EMS Flex is a simple and elegant booking experience that lets you reserve a desk in as little as one click.

Discover the Future of Space Management!

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EMS Flex is a simple and elegant room and space booking experience that lets you reserve a desk or meeting room in as little as one click.

What makes EMS Flex stand out?

Reservations in one click

Rapid desk booking includes personalized recommendations based on user preferences.

Lightweight platform

The solution is built on a lightweight SaaS platform with a streamlined configuration.

Fast deployment

EMS Flex is fast to deploy and enables rapid delivery of value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is desk booking?

Desk booking gives employees a secure seating arrangement before arriving at an office or workspace. This eradicates any uncertainty concerning seat availability, particularly for individuals visiting the space for the first time.

The capability to reserve a desk instills confidence within teams, ensuring they can establish themselves in a comfortable environment conducive to effective collaboration.

Individuals can be seated near each other based on department structure, friendships, or current projects. Alternatively, they can elect to sit in their own areas for better privacy.

Why is desk booking beneficial?

Since many companies offer hybrid work arrangements, workers might be coming and going to a workspace on a sporadic or inconsistent basis throughout the year. Seating can be unclear and needs to be organized.

Desk booking adds security for new team members and flexibility for hybrid team members. It also helps admins understand the most or least underutilized sections of their office space. This data can help make them make space decisions that might improve collaboration or lower space costs.

Desk booking software is also an office manager’s best friend, allowing them to optimize and design a more functional workspace for their entire teams.

What is a one-click booking platform?

A one-click booking platform lets teams reserve their desks in seconds, which is great for last-minute bookings. It also allows users to quickly and easily find the spaces they need so they can focus on their jobs and their tasks for the day. Fast deployment ensures that the system is quickly updated to reflect changes in real time. This helps keep admins up to date.

Schedule a desk for last-minute meetings or appointments without any downtime.

Can desk booking be done on a recurring basis?

Yes, users can schedule recurring reservations based on their needs. This is ideal for workers who prefer to work from the office or for those who are in town for extended periods of time and want a consistent work environment.

The ability to book desks on a recurring basis also simplifies the reservation process, saving time on the users’ end. Rather than booking a single reservation each day, they can set up their reservations across specific days and times.

Recurring bookings are a valuable commodity for office spaces who crave consistency while providing their teams with the flexibility needed to balance hybrid arrangements.

Does EMS Flex let me personalize my work environment preferences?

Yes, EMS Flex allows workers to set up their preferences so they can find the best space for the way they work and easily maintain those pre-configurations.

By inputting select criteria - like time frame, floor, building, or favorite neighborhoods – and choosing a space accordingly, team members can craft a more personalized environment to help them reach their productivity goals.

Spatial customization options allow for enhanced collaboration and communication in any work environment.

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