Accruent’s IWMS Solution for Retail

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Accruent’s IWMS Solution for Retail

Accruent’s IWMS Solution for Retail

Manage Projects, Leases, Capital Plans, Ongoing Operations and Engineering Documents

At Accruent, we believe that siloed solutions not only cost businesses money, but can cause large headaches for an organization. We have discovered that with our retail clients, their departments are often siloed between capital planning, facilities management, real estate and engineering. The siloing of these departments often resulted in dual-entry between solutions, wasted staff time and a lack of visibility to drive data-driven decisions to ultimately help our retailers serve their customers and provide a better customer experience.

We have worked with our customers to expand functionality and further develop strategic integrations that allow them to break down silos, share information between departments and drive data-driven decisions to save money and ultimately help better serve their customers.

Real Estate and Facilities Management

Real estate and facilities management teams often struggle to communicate about lease obligations, causing delays and routing errors that can impact customers in their stores. Retailers may also be wasting time and money on work orders that their landlords should be handling. This lack of visibility can cost retailers tens of thousands of dollars in additional maintenance costs per year and cause days of delays when fixing critical equipment like HVAC, lighting or roofing. By integrating our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and lease administration and accounting solutions, retailers can view work orders, know where they need to be routed, and dispatch quickly to get the problem fixed.

Facilities Management and Capital Planning

Capital planning departments typically work separately from facilities management teams. This separation can lead capital planning groups to make the wrong assumptions about the facilities data and include unneeded items within their capital plan. Mistakes like these hurt retailers that are trying to balance multiple objectives—from improving customer experience and renovating stores, to making key repairs to various sites in both the short term and the long term. 

By integrating our CMMS platform and capital planning platform, retailers can leverage existing data to develop capital plans and programs that drive meaningful change.

Engineering Documentation and Facilities Management

When engineering documentation is not properly updated across an organization, things can go catastrophically wrong. If water pipes, outlets or wires are moved—or if walls are taken down—documentation must be updated accordingly. Otherwise, workers can get hurt, or routine work orders can get delayed. Important work orders or promised store openings may also be delayed significantly due to improper documentation. These delays can be avoided by integrating our CMMS and Engineering Documentation Management solutions in order to reduce documentation confusion and ensure our customers can open stores on-time and keep them running optimally.

Asset Data and Facilities Management

Having a CMMS in place allows maintenance teams to perform reactive maintenance, planned preventative maintenance and compliance planned preventative maintenance. However, there is still room for improvement. By only performing planned and reactive maintenance, facilities teams can miss out on savings gained from catching equipment prior to failure.

To combat this, we have directly connected our remote monitoring (IoT) solution, vx Observe, to our CMMS solution, vx Maintain. This way, when a piece of equipment starts to fail, a work order can be generated to fix the asset before catastrophic asset failure occurs. By fixing the asset before the failure occurs, businesses can save on emergency work order costs, prevent product loss and keep their employees focused on customers rather than on maintenance emergencies.

One Solution

By integrating Accruent’s software suite, it allows our customers to break down internal silos, increase visibility between departments, eliminate dual-entry and better serve their own customers. From the moment a piece of equipment begins to fail, a capital plan is created, or a contractor initiates lease terms, our solutions will have the data your team needs to move quickly and better serve your customers.

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