If you are a facility manager, ensuring the safety of your employees, guests, buildings and assets is a critical responsibility.

You always need to know the identity of authorized key holders, which keys they have or can access, and when they were used to help ensure a safe and secure environment. As a result, key management systems have become an operational necessity, making key management easier and improving security across facilities.

Reduce security risks with automated key controls.

The most advanced security measures and state of the art surveillance will never make up for keys being in the wrong hands. If your keys are not properly monitored, it is the same as leaving the front door open. Even just one misplaced key can require the costly rekeying of entire properties and tracking thousands of keys is a huge challenge without the right tools.

Facilities managers and key administrators who are concerned with controlling access to their facilities should consider a key control and management solution.

Key control and management systems are a higher-level management tool for addressing the safety and security of building occupants and the security of the building assets. With key control, facility managers can ensure approvals are in order before keys are made, sync key requests with maintenance requests and reduce duplication when tracking thousands of keys.

Manually tracking keys can make it quite challenging to know who has keys to which rooms and buildings, which can cause mass re-keying, and often at a substantial cost. With key controls, administrators can reduce the number of rooms or buildings that need to be re-keyed. Additionally, all key tracking can be automated, significantly reducing the risk that rooms and buildings will need to be re-keyed.

Watch this short video to learn more about Accruent’s FAMIS Key Control functionality.

With FAMIS Key Control, administrators can also integrate their keys inventory with their FAMIS work order management system. This eliminates the need to maintain multiple databases and tracking systems, saving you valuable time, money and resources.

Taking charge of your security.

Accruent’s FAMIS Key Control reduces the fear of rogue keys by taking control of the checkout and return processes. It also helps with effective budgeting when re-keying costs, which can be substantial. Taking the necessary step to protect your organization can be the best decision you make all year.

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