Using Medical Equipment Capital Planning Software to Transform your Equipment Lifecycle.

According to a Moody’s Investor’s Service analysis,"Not-for-profit and public healthcare - US: Medians - Regional hospital medians mirror stress seen in national trends", operating margins for hospitals have fallen to an all-time low of 1.6%. Becker’s CFO Report, "A new way of thinking about medical equipment costs", estimates hospitals are spending $93 billion per year on medical equipment lifecycle (MELC) and are missing savings as much as 12% to 16% due to a “lack of accurate information, internal resources, bandwidth and specialized expertise”. Knowing that equipment spending is unavoidable, making the right decision on what medical equipment to acquire and then effectively managing the Total Cost of Ownership or (TCO) can positively impact your bottom line and assist your facility in turning profits.

Construction and renovation projects, due to complexity, often result in unplanned installation costs, project delays and lost revenue. In addition, most healthcare organizations are making ad-hoc capital equipment purchasing decisions resulting in unnecessary emergency replacements and contingency spend. With equipment capital planning usually project-based rather than an on-going multi-year plan, the opportunity for volume purchasing discounts is greatly reduced. Healthcare organizations need medical equipment capital planning software to reduce these costs and ensure the highest level of patient care.

Accruent is partnered with Attainia to expand our customers’ ability to manage the full Medical Equipment Capital Lifecycle (MELC), beyond Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) and Healthcare Facilities Management (HFM or CMMS), for improved visibility, deeper cost reduction and improved patient care.


By Managing the Full Lifecycle with Medical Equipment Capital Planning Software, Healthcare Delivery Organizations Can:

  • Improve patient care through streamlined processes, efficiencies and cost reduction.
  • Quickly generate and update accurate equipment budgets.
  • Collaborate and centralize processes around capital equipment decisions.
  • Reduce expensive change orders and project completion delays.
  • Prioritize and control capital and replacement expenditures for immediate and long-term budgets.

Attainia, used by more than 100 healthcare systems, offers three capital planning software modules: Plan, Budget and Predict. Each module works with others to allow organizations to research and specify medical equipment, ensure standardization and aggregate purchases across all new and routine medical equipment purchases.

Attainia’s plan module - project capital planning software:

  • Offers the most comprehensive healthcare supplier product catalog in the industry, with more than 63k SKUs for furniture, fixtures and equipment. (FF&E).
  • Features pre-made room and department equipment templates or create customized templates to ensure that every project can be accurately budgeted.
  • Allows users to store and view equipment specifications, make budget changes and collaborate with stakeholders.
  • Offers the ability to budget projects, procure equipment, oversee equipment installation, create phases and dates for projects, install codes and more.

Attainia’s budget module - routine replacement:

  • Establishes a single point of entry for all budget requests across facilities.
  • Streamlines department and committee approval to become permission-driven.
  • Monitors and manages compliance to local and national contracts and standards.
  • Aggregates capital equipment requests to achieve large volume discounts.
  • Standardizes request formats across multiple cost centers, budgets and divisions.

Attainia’s predict module - analytics & reporting:

  • Increases visibility into planned capital equipment, from construction renovation to routine replacement.
  • Ensures standardization and improve contract compliance.
  • Predicts aggregation of capital spend from all sources.
  • Maximizes volume discounts with suppliers and group purchasing organizations.

The partnership between Accruent and Attainia makes all of your medical equipment capital planning and management much easier and creates additional cost-saving opportunities for HTM and HFM professionals.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how a major healthcare system reduced equipment expenditure with total lifecycle management.


How Accruent can Help:

As healthcare continues to evolve, Accruent can serve customers from asset inception to disposition, while giving organizations full visibility into how they manage healthcare technology, facilities, equipment lifecycles and physical resources. Today, more than 55% of all U.S. hospitals have chosen Accruent as their global solution provider to help them manage key aspects of their business, including their medical equipment capital planning.

Accruent is helping to create more efficiencies and break down internal silos to save organizations money, increase staff productivity and drive value for our patients. Our team of experts has the industry knowledge and depth of experience that allows us to create tools, software and resources to help you achieve your business goals.

Accruent’s Subject Matter Experts include an author of theAAMI 2019 HTM Manual and a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. And Accruent’s "10 Step to Make Your HTM & HFM Departments a Strategic Asset" Webinar series is AAMI ACI Accredited for up to 11 CEUs.

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