According to The Moody’s Investors Service analysis, operating margins for hospitals have fallen to an all-time low of 1.6%. Finding ways to create deeper cost savings, increased productivity and improved efficiency has never been more critical.

In our new series “10 Steps to Make Your Healthcare Technology and Facility Departments a Strategic Asset,” Al Gresch shares data and process methodologies to drive value and recognition for your department.

Watch the 10 Steps Series Introduction

Step 1: Global Data Standardization & Master Data Management
Step 2: System Wide Administration, Security, Policies, & Procedures
Step 3: Asset & Work Order Management
Step 4: Regulatory Compliance & Preventive Maintenance
  • Overview
  • Deep Dive
Step 5: Service Performance Management
Step 6: Parts/Supplies Management & Procurement
Step 7: Third Party Service Management
Step 8: Environment of Care (EOC) Rounding
Step 9: Interoperability & Automation
Step 10: Enterprise Performance Management