If an asset breaks down or stops working at full capacity, it can disrupt an entire organization.

Ask any facilities management professional and they will agree nothing is more challenging than an asset that stops working at full capacity. When an asset or facility issue arises, you are left with more than a not-so-fun repair; you are left with time lost and a potentially significant impact to your bottom line.

Predicting Failure

Assets failing unexpectedly or a repair gone awry can also damage the customer experience and leave employees with less time to serve your customers. Whether your company operates assets that are critical to your business or provides services to your customers, a fast, effective, well-managed full maintenance lifecycle solution gives you the advantage of predictive maintenance all the way through advanced contractor management.

Accruent’s Integrated Workplace Management System connects your assets, facilities and service providers to one single platform, giving you full visibility into your maintenance lifecycle from the equipment alarms to the service provider coming to fix the problem.

Our full maintenance lifecycle solution is comprised of three key management solutions:

  1. Our remote monitoring and predictive equipment analytics solution automates the collection and analysis of asset performance data and filters out alarm noise to predict potential equipment failure.
  2. Our maintenance management solution manages assets and facilities and all of the work associated with keeping them productive.
  3. Our mobile workforce management solution manages service teams, optimizes schedules, measures performance and communicates with field personnel.

Moving To a Proven Solution

By using our single platform for asset and facility management, you can move from reacting to equipment failures, to a strategic, predictive environment that offers full visibility across your maintenance lifecycle and a maintenance process based on efficiency and proven return on investment.

While compliance and customer satisfaction are huge detrimental factors to success, we give you the ability to reduce time needed to repair assets, overtime expenses, energy spending, lost inventory, repeat service visits, food loss, and contract leakage. Ask any facility management professional and they will agree nothing is more rewarding than an asset working at 100% all the time.

Learn how Accruent connects facilities and assets directly to the service lifecycle, contact us today!