Breakthrough Collaboration Begins with Meridian Cloud Project

Facilitate greater management, collaboration, and exchange of engineering document deliverables in the Cloud. Be more productive, stay compliant, and ensure timely and accurate project execution.

Accruent Meridian Cloud Project main user interface; collaboration

What Sets Meridian Cloud Project EDMS Apart?

Collaborative Document Review, Approval, and Release

Drive project execution to completion faster with electronic annotation and mark-up, automated compliance and completeness checks, and validation of all deliverables.

Data Integrity and Consistency

Meridian Cloud Project has built-in consistency checks for mandatory metadata, missing reference files, and content availability. Automatic document rendering improves the collaboration and embedded review and approval process.

Robust Cloud APIs

Cloud Project Exchange APIs support the exchange of project package information and documents, including status and metadata. It also provides API endpoints for exchanging project package information and metadata with other third-party applications such as BIM360.

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