Reinventing the Retail Customer Experience

Retailers must find new ways to increase foot traffic to physical stores and keep customers coming back. The Accruent retail platform gives retailers the data they need to improve the in-store experience and keep customers engaged.

Accruent - Reinventing the Retail Customer Experience

Perfect Your Operations and In-Store Experience

Retailers must find ways to increase foot traffic to physical stores and keep customers coming back. Drive operational cost savings and enable additional investment in ways that impact customer experience and keep customers engaged while in your stores.

Let Data Drive Your Business

By connecting our retail product offerings, we are breaking down internal silos for our clients and allowing traditionally disparate teams to utilize data to drive organizational decisions. Through these data-driven decisions, our clients can focus on driving additional value for their customers.

Resolve Maintenance Issues Faster

By ensuring that retailers have maintenance, capital plan, and lease information available at their fingertips, we are helping solve common problems that impact customer experience. By utilizing Accruent’s retail platform, our customers can drive operational efficiencies and cut costs.

Partner with the Experts

Spend more time developing quality products for your customers and less time searching for relevant engineering drawings due to disconnected data. Allow us to partner with you to ensure 24/7 access to all asset information and break down internal and external silos of communication.

Drive Results and Innovation for Your Customers

Improve the customer experience by avoiding delays and reducing repair turnaround times, breaking down internal silos between departments, and providing visibility across your business.