Gaining Efficiency in Engineering Projects with Meridian Portal

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Gaining Efficiency in Engineering Projects with Meridian Portal

 Efficiency in Engineering Projects

In our previous blog, How to Overcome Handover Challenges in Global Facilities, we highlighted the difficulties of the information handover process within engineering asset management and how global facilities can improve. Our solution, Meridian Portal is a proven way to ease the collaboration pains that so many organizations face. 

The information handover process can be wrought with challenges if you don’t have a streamlined, automated system in place. The margin for error is large, if you’re depending strictly on the different departments to share information person to person, and that process can become costly. 

However, if organizations use an automated information exchange system, it is estimated that they can save 60% on hidden owner-operator costs.1

Cloud-Based Collaboration

Accruent’s Meridian Portal provides a way for organizations to have secure, cloud-based collaboration with their extended global project teams, making the information handover process easier. Organizations in the process manufacturing industry need to manage a global portfolio of projects and reliable, accurate information is crucial.

Several organizations are managing those projects in disparate systems with communication silos. For organizations with global footprints, this communication is ineffective because of the inaccuracies involved with sharing information in an inconsistent, person-to-person exchange. 

By using Meridian Portal, our customers can:

  • Ensure secure access to project data anytime
  • Deploy complex supplier networks on a cloud solution
  • Keep projects on time and within budget with robust reports and dashboards to monitor project progress
  • Save time and money spent on document control, project management, review and validation of project deliverables, and offline or paper-based communication processes.
  • Create, evaluate, release, distribute, and discover information for asset projects
  • Identify and fix inconsistencies in data before they become an issue

Accurate and Timely Decisions

Accruent’s solution allows organizations to manage a variety of engineering projects easily in one platform, ranging from small change projects to large capital projects. By providing a simple and intuitive web interface, organizations speed up the system’s adoption and usage because global contractors are no longer spending time on how and where to input the data.

When using an automated system like Meridian Portal, internal and external stakeholders no longer need to sort through endless amounts of paperwork and data. Instead, they can facilitate an efficient and controlled engineering document exchange. Organizations can track deliverables and due dates properly to maintain control of their document flow throughout the project. The dashboard and robust reporting capabilities within our solution provide organizations the necessary support to help them make accurate and timely decisions.

Automated Distribution Process

Organizations can reduce the workload of document controllers with an automated distribution process based on a distribution matrix like the one our solution uses. Using an automated distribution process helps organizations become more efficient and feel more confident about their data quality because nothing is overlooked, lost or exchanged incorrectly. By implementing an automated distribution process and not having to constantly rework or fix mistakes, increased job satisfaction among overworked employees and lower costs are huge benefits. 

To help facilitate the review process, our solution allows users to review and markup an engineering document or engineering drawing within the portal, then merge offline and online reviews. With Meridian Portal, organizations have a foolproof way to control and trace all actions within the system by use of the logged timestamps for every user’s action. This control provides full transparency to an organization’s workflow. The accumulated data provides a full audit trail for organizations, allowing for much more detailed dashboards and reports.

Customizable Options

Our solution provides an intuitive user interface that displays different options for file uploads – ranging from the drag-and-drop method to more complex upload dialogs. The options work natively in our solution and our customers are not required to download any browser plugins to access this functionality. 

Additionally, organizations can benefit from CAD integrations within our system. By using a CAD-integrated product, organizations get help with compliance by ensuring that company standards are maintained. Engineering projects involve various departments and a roster of rotating documents that can be difficult to control. With an automated solution, collaboration is no longer a challenge.

Find out more about how Meridian Portal ensures that organizations are mission-ready and positioned for long-term success by allowing more efficient collaboration between internal and external stakeholders. Register for our webinar, Meridian Portal: Project Collaboration in the Cloud on June 7 at 10 am CST. 

[1] Bever, Ken. “Problems with Information Handover.” MIMOSA, 20 July 2011

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