Facilities management teams can play a strategic role in corporate success. Accruent offers its final tip in our series to help facilities management teams save time, costs, and energy to become a strategic contributor: Access Your Data – and Use It.

Access Your Data – and Use It

Having data in multiple systems and on spreadsheets limits your ability to get a complete picture of operational costs and building level performance. Analysis is put off or performed infrequently because the effort to consolidate the data ends up being a manual exercise in spreadsheet gymnastics.

An integrated system enables you to track detailed repair history at the most granular level. That simply isn’t feasible without the right system in place. Until you organize and see that information in its entirety, it’s just data.

Your system’s integrated reporting tool enables you to create a complete enterprise-wide picture of the cost trends by building asset class, maintenance class, even individual assets, and transforms the data into information. As a result, you can:

  • Uncover key indicators of potential problems
  • Resolve issues quickly
  • Reduce costs

Granular history enables you to spot performance problems before they turn into emergency repairs. Putting repairs and adjustments on your schedule (instead of emergencies) enables you to keep costs down and operate equipment at optimum efficiency.

Becoming a Strategic Contributor

Moving to the cloud may be the most strategic move you can make, enabling you to stay abreast of technology and providing easy access to facility information across your enterprise. Switching your facility management process to the cloud provides "anywhere access" to planners, technicians, vendors, and facility customers.

The built-in efficiencies achieved by automating processes and moving from paper-driven to an online, interactive work management enable your team to accomplish more with the same number of people. It also frees up administrative time to focus on organizing your planned and preventive maintenance programs, resulting in both process and energy cost savings.

Accruent - Blog Post - Facilities Management as a Strategic Contributor: Access Your Data – And Use It

A well-run facilities management organization provides a competition advantage over organizations today, providing a world-class work environment that not only attracts better employees, but also helps you better retain your best talent. A more productive workforce can lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Using the right tools properly enables you to drive significant cost savings directly to the bottom line, making facilities management a significant contributor to your organization.

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