Published: Jul 20 2020

New Connectiv 8.0 Functionality

Healthcare organizations face an increasingly difficult challenge. They must ensure compliance with ever-changing regulations, drive down costs, improve patient experiences and, at the same time, do more with fewer resources. Broken service processes and siloed departments undermine these outcomes, leading to a cycle of waste—impacting both the patient experience and your bottom line.

Prior to COVID-19, hospital operating margins were at 1.7 percent, well below the 2.5 percent considered sustainable, according to Modern Healthcare. Since the outbreak, hospitals' median operating margins fell 150 percent to negative 3 percent in March. Additionally, 87 percent of hospitals list identifying and managing cost reduction initiatives among the most important performance management activities for their organization, according to Kauffman Hall’s 2020 Healthcare Financial Outlook.

To help our customers improve their delivery of care and optimize hospital operations, Accruent is releasing Connectiv 8.0, an updated version of our flagship Healthcare CMMS with added functionality improvements and new integrations. Connectiv now allows both healthcare delivery and healthcare service organizations to:

  • Optimize the equipment and service request experience, leverage situational context and eliminate fulfillment delays
  • Increase utilization, availability and uptime with automated workflow of support service assignments and escalation
  • Efficiently manage customer contracts and increase obligation and pricing transparency with automated tools and workflows

Accruent’s Connectiv is the Only Modern CMMS Designed Exclusively for Healthcare.

With Connectiv, you can consolidate your HTM, HFM, IT and more to a single user experience to transform the patient experience, gain real-time visibility, optimize work productivity and ensure compliance with changing policies, laws and regulations. Connectiv is certified by ServiceNow and available in the ServiceNow store.

Watch the Connectiv 8.0 Release Webinar

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New Connectiv 8.0 Functionality

Connectiv Request Management

Equipment and service requests are a challenge in many hospitals. Without a modern Healthcare CMMS and Request Management process, service requests can lead to perceived equipment shortages resulting in unnecessary equipment purchases, equipment hoarding, increased hospital-associated infection rates and low patient satisfaction.

Connectiv’s Request Management portal with mobile capabilities simplifies and automates services and equipment distribution requests, busts departmental silos and automates workflows for hospital operations. It delivers employee self-service through a richly populated catalog of services, automated workflows and service level agreements, and requests can be created on demand or via integrations with external solutions including EMRs.

With Accruent’s Request Management, your hospital can:

  • Simplify request initiation with a richly populated catalog of services
  • Centralize and automate request processes onto a single pane of glass
  • Improve service quality by removing manual tasks and fulfillment delays
  • Leverage analytics and benchmark KPIs for continuous improvement

Connectiv Customer Management

As health systems feel cost-cutting pressures from every angle, clinical asset maintenance has become a top opportunity for healthcare operations to streamline and reduce costs. Healthcare service organizations (HSOs) are frequently utilized by Healthcare CMMS and Facilities Management in health systems to fill the talent gap, lower operating costs, improve service quality and ensure compliance with ever-changing regulations.

Connectiv’s Customer Management provides automation and workflows to efficiently manage a variety of service contract levels, ensure long-term service revenue and profitability, and ensure high-quality services to your customers. Easily comply with your customers’ terms and conditions while establishing an independent project billing structure.

Accruent’s Customer Management helps healthcare service organizations:

  • Efficiently manage complex contracts and amendments
  • Increase transparency of obligations and account-based pricing
  • Increase operational efficiency in the field and SLA compliance
  • Improve customer retention with timely and accurate billing

New Platform Integrations

PartsSource Integration (Phase I)

Clinical Engineers and Technicians can spend a significant amount of time during their day shopping for parts. To streamline the part sourcing and purchasing process, Accruent and PartsSource have created a Lite integration between Accruent’s Connectiv and This integration provides your biomed technicians with a simple, single-click access to easily find and source parts and equipment they need to repair and improve equipment uptime.

A more robust integration between Connectiv and PartsSource is now being planned and is tentatively scheduled for availability near the end of 2020.

Accruent Data Insights

Accruent has a solution in over 55% of U.S. hospitals. This data provides critical information to better inform purchase decisions for thousands of medical equipment items. For each medical device model, Data Insights analyzes massive amounts of data regarding the number and timing of device failures, shows the average maintenance hours required by device age, and estimates the probability of equipment lasting for a specified number of years. Accruent brings these measures together into the industry’s first unbiased reliability and life expectancy analysis.

After a full year of constant innovation since the initial launch, the Data Insights 3.0 release now has over 10,000 models in their catalog. The solution also provides the ability to analyze your entire portfolio of medical device equipment against industry benchmarks. Data Insights is now integrated with Connectiv to:

  • Provide visibility into the health systems asset repair costs versus industry at a model level or down to an asset level.
  • Quickly see and analyze the technology age of your medical device inventory.
  • Compare your PM frequencies to industry averages.

Watch the Data Insights 3.0 Release Webinar

Listen to the Data Insights 3.0 Release Podcast

Transformative CMMS and Asset Management

Connectiv is a mobile-enabled, cloud-based solution that manages all aspects of healthcare asset and facilities management, work order management, financials and expenses, preventative maintenance, risk and compliance reporting, equipment distribution and more.

With Connectiv, you can consolidate your HTM, HFM, IT and more to a single user experience to transform the patient experience, gain real-time visibility, optimize work productivity and ensure compliance with changing policies, laws and regulations.

How Accruent Can Help

Healthcare organizations that leverage advanced CMMS and Asset Management technology can increase utilization rates and breakdown operational silos. In addition, systems that employ these solutions lower associated costs, increase equipment availability, and offer patients, visitors and staff a better experience and greater peace of mind.

Beyond technology, Accruent experts are available to evaluate your current processes, key performance indicators, and highlight step-by-step improvement recommendations to make your Healthcare Facilities and Biomedical Departments a Strategic Asset.

Contact us today to start a conversation about how Connectiv can help you with your asset management needs.