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Transaction Center

Transaction Center

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Lease and transaction activities software.

Manage processes with ease.

As companies focus on increasing efficiency and productivity, property managers and executives must better understand how transactions are conducted.

With an ever-growing portfolio, reducing occupancy costs, optimizing portfolio opportunities and managing pipelines become a lower priority for managers trying to navigate the many facets of lease and transaction management.

Transaction Center is designed to alleviate the pains associated with a developing portfolio and assists with key capabilities allowing for company-wide improvements, directly impacting the speed and capacity for growth. With our cloud-based software platform, you can improve the way leases, projects, and transactions are handled from anywhere – reducing delays in response times.

Transaction Center helps in identifying opportunities, managing the processes associated with transactions, and reporting key metrics that boost productivity. From start to finish, Transaction Center is a seamless, integral component of your real estate lifecycle.

Embrace full transaction management with ease.

Ensure a seamless flow through the real estate lifecycle, providing
stakeholders access to the right information at the right time.

Transaction Center allows users to clearly define lease terms, create and assign actions and tasks, and conduct meetings all within the application. Anywhere you have internet, you can connect to your leases and transactions with key capabilities to help maintain an optimized workflow. 

Easy scheduling and kickoffs.

Never miss a critical date or an important transaction from a lease or project. Schedule, assign, and monitor tasks and resources from an easy-to-read Gantt chart. Expand each line item to view details. If needed, you can attach documents to line items.

Document control.

Track the ever-changing versions of leases, contracts, approvals and exceptions effortlessly.

Data in a consistent format.

Achieve greater organizational clarity and allow executives to get a summary of information highlighting current and projected portfolio statistics and KPIs in a consistent, reliable format. Stakeholders can also review data across an electronic workflow.

Improve efficiency with integration.

On its own, transaction management is a valuable software function. As a primary add-on for Accruent’s Project Center or Portfolio Center, Transaction Center can help improve response time, reduce workloads, and enhance internal customer satisfaction. 

Strategic, technical, and operational procedures combine to illuminate
information supporting the decision-making process. 

Transaction Center helps users to achieve clarity across portfolios, manage processes and procedures digitally, and compose various scenario plans through business alignment and workplace agility. Compliance is supported via consistent calculations, reporting, and precise administration functionality. All transactions are documented within the application. In the event of an audit, relevant documents can be retrieved to prove compliance.

Gain control of your real estate.

Whether in a commercial or corporate real estate environment, every enterprise has unique needs and processes.

Transaction Center is the industry solution for gaining control of your real estate. As an integrated workplace management software (IWMS) solution with Accruent Project Center and Portfolio Center, portfolio and transaction managers can follow critical path milestones to track location alternatives and monitor a transaction from inception to completion all in a single database from anywhere an internet connection is available.

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