Managing requests for conference rooms, workspaces and media equipment can be a full-time job. With a direct tie to work orders and costs associated with the reservation, you can improve efficiency and improve workplace satisfaction.

As a part of 360Facility, Reservation facilitates room requests and ensures that shared resource requests are addressed in a timely manner. From reserving resources to improving communication, Reservation streamlines your workspace requests to improve efficiency. 

Reduce Administrative Time
Allow employees and tenants to request and book specific rooms on an as-needed basis. Using a central system, administrators can review requests and determine availability. 

Increase Efficiency and Communication
Control requests via configurable security to ensure requests are distributed to the appropriate reservation managers. Automated links enable you to tie reservations to work orders requests and escalation procedures.

Streamline Requests with Customized Fields
Create user-defined fields to customize reservation requests to your business. Increase customer satisfaction and reduce follow-up questions by ensuring you receive the appropriate information in the initial request.

Improve Cost Estimates
Deliver more effective cost estimates by providing a complete view of resource details. By linking reservations to work orders, you are able to track time and resources dedicated to each reservation. 

Access at Any Time
As a cloud-based suite of software solutions, 360Workplace can be accessed at anytime, anywhere from an Internet-enabled device. Technicians can view and respond to requests in real-time from the field.

Reservation Includes: 

  • Quick Reserve 
  • Reservation Controls 
  • User-Defined Fields 
  • Immediate Costing 
  • Service Request Management


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