Published: Apr 30 2020

Request Management For Healthcare Operations

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Your healthcare organization faces an increasingly difficult challenge.

You must ensure compliance with ever changing regulations, drive down costs, improve patient experiences and, at the same time, do functionally more with fewer resources. Broken service processes and siloed departments undermine these outcomes, leading to a cycle of waste, impacting both the patient experience and your bottom line.

Connectiv’s Request Management simplifies and automates services and equipment distribution requests, busts departmental silos and automates workflow for hospital operations.

Simplify request initiation with a richly populated catalog of services.

Centralize & automate request processes onto a single pane of glass.

Improve service quality by removing manual tasks & fulfillment delays.

Leverage analytics & benchmark KPIs for continuous improvement.

Simplify service and equipment distribution requests, bust silos and automate workflow.

Connectiv’s Request Management delivers employee self-service through a richly populated catalog of services, automated workflows and service level agreements. Mobile capabilities give employees the freedom to request services anytime, from any device, and get automated status updates to ensure expectations are met.

Streamline requests.

Centralize and optimize requests with a simple consumer-style user portal on a single pane of class. Create on-demand and scheduled requests. Requests can also be automatically generated from equipment alerts and other systems including EMRs.

Automate workflow.

Automate prioritization and escalation with a configurable rules’ engine. Monitor and analyze workflows to ensure key decision makers receive notification and take timely corrective action.

Track & notify.

Automatically assign and dispatch work to a technician with the appropriate skill level and availability via their mobile device. Track requests with real-time notifications.

Update & resolve.

Manage exceptions and provide immediate status updates to requesters via mobile devices as technicians complete assignments. Automatically check exceptions against user-defined KPIs and receive notifications when an exception requires immediate attention.

Continuously improve

Use evidence-based data to drive business decisions including:
  • PM Completion %.
  • SLA Reliability.
  • Patient & Staff Satisfaction.
  • Historical Analysis.
  • Demand & Forecast Resource Planning.
  • Equipment Availability & Utilization.