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Regulatory Success Reports

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No two audits are the same but with TMS Reports, you can prepare your departments quickly and easily.

Suggested Regulatory Reports

Regulatory agencies are not permitted to have relationships with CMMS vendors as they must remain impartial. However, we have taken advantage of the information published by several different agencies along with feedback from our customers to create a full suite of reports.

TMS software is capable of generating these and other regulatory compliance reports given your data is setup properly. In order to achieve the results, you may need to configure custom fields and additional consulting may be required.

To learn more, view the sample reports below, and click on "information" to access instructions on how to create each report within TMS.

Life Safety Data Reports

Both Life Safety & Non-Life Safety Report

Non-Life Safety Report

Note:  These reports can easily be run for either department by simply adjusting the search criteria. The Sample Reports provided are based on demonstration data. Please work with Accruent to create reports based on your organization's data.