Facility Management Software


Facility Management Software

Implement a Facility Management System to help your organization manage facilities, assets, contractors, and work orders to improve efficiency and extend asset life.

Why Your Organization Needs An Industry Specific Facility Management Software

No matter what industry your organization is in, managing your critical assets and maintenance needs is essential to keeping your business running optimally. Each industry has specific goals that drive their maintenance management processes and software; therefore, we offer best in class solutions tailored to each industry.

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CAFM Software for Retailers

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vx Maintain

Retailers have to ensure they are providing the best possible customer experience despite budget and personnel constraints. vx Maintain helps retailers gain visibility and control over work orders, assets, facilities, and contractors to help cut costs and create new efficiencies through extensive asset lifecycle management.

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CAFM Software for
Corporate Real Estate

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Corporate Real Estate organizations need to consistently innovate and drive growth. Accruent's fully integrated 360Facility software manages property and asset maintenance, reduces maintenance costs and improves operational efficiency for real estate and facilities.

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CAFM Software for
Education and Public Sector

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Allocated funds for maintenance and repairs are often considered low priority in organizations. In such a lean environment, assets often break, leading to safety issues, unplanned downtime, and emergency repairs. By utilizing FAMIS, you can reduce downtime, save money and resources, and improve efficiency.

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Healthcare CAFM Software

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Connectiv enables your healthcare system to be mission-ready by helping your organization focus on minimizing asset downtime, increasing patient safety, ensuring efficient service and maintenance — while adhering to compliance with changing policies, laws, and regulations.

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How to Select CAFM Software

Finding the right facility management software for your organization is essential to get the support and functionality you need. Check out our blog post, Your Guide to Facility Management Software, that explains the most common types of facility management software.