Facility Management with vx Maintain


Facility Management

with vx Maintain

Optimize your asset and facility performance by managing the full workflow related to reactive and planned preventive maintenance activities. Leverage maintenance data at the asset level to better manage work orders and contractors, streamline the reconciliation process, improve compliance and make strategic decisions for your facility portfolio.


Facility Management

with vx Maintain

Optimize your asset and facility performance by managing the full workflow related to reactive and planned preventive maintenance activities. Leverage maintenance data at the asset level to better manage work orders and contractors, streamline the reconciliation process, improve compliance and make strategic decisions for your facility portfolio.

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Reduce Facilities Maintenance & Repair Spend by an Average of 8-20%

Maintain Your Facilities with One Software Solution

Whether you are tracking critical assets at regional facilities or have asset-intensive operations around the world, you can use vx Maintain to manage comprehensive accurate and current information about your facilities and assets at the level of detail that meets your company’s needs. All from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

rendering of CAFM Software running on multiple devices

Effectively managing maintenance expenses has a tremendous impact on net profit. However, complexity grows as the number of managed assets, sites and contracts with manufacturers and service providers increases. Facilities teams are often placed in a reactionary state instead of maximizing the opportunity to reduce critical equipment downtime, evaluate service provider performance and validate planned preventive maintenance activity for cost-effectiveness.

You need an integrated a CAFM system to track, streamline, integrate and optimize maintenance efforts across your organization. 

Drive Data Driven Decisions Throughout the Maintenance Lifecycle

vx Maintain leverages every piece of maintenance data to the granularity of an individual asset to provide greater visibility and drive better decisions throughout the maintenance lifecycle.

With vx Maintain, you can manage work orders, streamline the reconciliation process with service providers, improve compliance, and make more informed strategic decisions regarding the purchasing or retirement of assets.

Work Order Management Automation for Your Maintenance Operations

Streamline the process related to reactive and planned preventive maintenance activities from creation and dispatch to work order lifecycle management, review and approvals, contractor billing, payment, and interface with financial systems.

rendering of software running on multiple devices showing a work order

vx Maintain automates work processes for all your maintenance operations to help improve the efficiency of call centers, work order creation, dispatching of internal and external service providers, completed work reports, and invoice processing.

With vx Maintain, you can:

  • Create work orders based on location -- including country, currency and language
  • Automatically route work orders
  • Prioritize and schedule preventive work orders
  • Manage facility assets on a category and subcategory basis
  • Create work orders using a myriad of tools -- including mobile, store dashboards, and call center screens
  • Select the best service providers for specific facility categories or sub-categories of equipment

Increase Efficiency by Automating Work Orders

Informed Decisions About Repairing, Replacing or Retiring Assets

To maximize performance and productivity, you need to understand information about equipment performance. An accurate asset management solution enhances your return on investment and enables your organization to make informed decisions about repairing, replacing or retiring equipment.

vx Maintain enables asset tracking at each site throughout the entire equipment life cycle so that you can track attributes such as asset type, model number, serial number and warranty information. You can also monitor inspection and service dates, and review detailed repair history. Use asset lifecycle tracking information to evaluate the total cost of ownership and improve procurement, budget accuracy, upgrades and service decisions.

rendering of software running on multiple devices showing an asset report

With vx Maintain, you can:

  • Manage individual assets and related warranties
  • Track asset costs, purchase prices, and maintenance thresholds
  • Reveal the true cost of equipment ownership
  • Connect assets with IoT remote monitoring
  • Maintain accurate asset registers for facilities – including straight-line depreciation
  • Send alerts when tolerances are exceeded
  • Understand whether to repair or replace an asset
  • Improve equipment uptime
  • Anticipate preventive and condition-based maintenance needs

Gain enterprise-wide visibility and control throughout the entire asset lifecycle

Prepare for Both Planned and Unplanned Inspections

Some industries are more heavily regulated than others, but almost every organization faces regulation as a part of doing business. Managing all the various requirements can be a daunting task, yet failure to comply can lead to temporary closures, adverse publicity or additional financial liability.

When all elements of compliance are handled centrally, paperwork can be dealt with efficiently and made available to inspectors promptly to avoid further problems. Many different activities must be considered, including voluntary or involuntary inspections with diverse reporting requirements. vx Maintain identifies and highlights the needs of various agencies, helping you prepare for both planned and unplanned inspections.

rendering of the software running on a laptop displaying ppm schedules and compliance data

With vx Maintain, you can:

  • Manage planned and unplanned inspections by site, city and state regulatory bodies to ensure activities are completed at the required frequency
  • Configure and handle a multitude of specific compliance events
  • Coordinate between multiple departments to improve efficiency and ensure that remedial action is taken when necessary
  • Avoid punitive fines and stay within budget
  • Prepare for catastrophes with site audits
  • Store paper requests, work orders, relevant certificates and associated documents in a centralized, electronic database that can be seamless accessed by multiple users

Manage Compliance Requirement with Confidence

Manage Contractors Across Geographies, Assets, Work Types and Skills

The need to manage contractors across different geographies, assets, work types and skills is ever-present. Managing contractors well can positively impact your bottom line while reducing manual work.

Accruent's vx Maintain solution empowers our customers to enforce contracts, streamline processes and ensure the best service for the best possible price. The software allows you to track the performance of your service providers through comprehensive benchmarking, dashboards and reporting.

rendering of software running on a laptop showing contractor data

With vx Maintain, you can:

  • Manage multiple contractors across different locations and equipment types
  • Eliminate the process of manual work order generation and routing
  • Enable your contractors to track time, billing and rates accurately
  • Allow for quick responses to quotes and electronic invoicing
  • Track technician time and attendance
  • Provide visibility into dispatch status and maintenance spend at the site level

Contractor Management for The Best Service at The Best Possible Price

Co-operative Group (Co-op) Drives Efficiency with Better Data Insight

Convenience retailing in the UK is a highly competitive market. Before using Accruent solutions, Co-op was unable to deliver to the same standards and cost model as its competitors because its system was inefficient, logistically challenging and costly.

Increasing Planned Preventive Maintenance and Contractor Management Efficiency

Providing the best customer experience is essential in retail and can be challenging when managing more than 3,500 stores. Finding a maintenance management system that can manage and work with partners, and at the same time can plan and get the right person at the right job at the right time was essential.

Streamline Work Order Management to Optimize the Restaurant Experience

A paper-based asset management system couldn’t keep up with the scaling of the business. Chuy’s needed to get a handle on what it was spending and why, while being able to automate the approval process, track spend over the equipment lifetime and create accurate budgets and forecasts based on those known costs. The company lacked an effective preventive maintenance (PM) program, and siloed information caused difficulties in managing vendor compliance and communicating across stores.

Reducing Maintenance Spend with Optimized Facilities and Field Service Management

EHU’s aging, internally developed facilities management system had become costly and inefficient. The ticket-based help desk could not keep pace with growing campus development, leading to job allocation challenges, reactive rather than proactive service, and an over-reliance on external contractors. The department also needed to improve compliance and customer

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