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Asset Management Software Purpose Built for the Digital World

Maintenance Connection is a scalable enterprise asset management platform designed to help maintenance professionals gain insight into their asset lifecycle while helping organizations navigate the digital maintenance management transformation.

Accruent’s Maintenance Connection combines the foundations of a traditional CMMS software with the enterprise-ready scalability of an EAM to help your efforts to digitize your asset management strategy.

Key Highlights:

  • Enhance the reliability of key assets
  • Integrated mobile functionality for seamless field work
  • Reduce downtime while minimizing costly unplanned outages
  • Streamline inventory management while reducing inventory related overhead
  • Define and measure labor performance


Manufacturing Maintenance mangers, administrators and technicians can:

  • Reduce Asset downtime
  • Track & report on labor productivity
  • Automate inventory management processes

Health Care

Healthcare Facility management (HFM) teams (CMMS administrators, technicians, and Executives) can:

  • Reduce downtime on critical assets
  • Extend asset life across the facility
  • Maintain maintenance budgets
  • Aid in compliance efforts


Facility mangers, administrators and technicians can achieve energy efficiency by:

  • Increase asset uptime
  • Improve team efficiencies
  • Track maintenance costs
  • Move from reactive to preventive maintenance

Facility Management

Maintenance mangers, administrators and technicians can optimize Operations and Management (O&M) and:

  • Gain full visibility into work requests
  • Access complete asset history
  • Capture information from the field in real-time
Calculate the ROI Cost Savings of an Asset Maintenance Program

Accruent created a calculator to help Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare, and Energy industries understand the potential cost savings and return on investment due to implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS). Our surveyed results compared to your organizations independent data provides an accurate range of potential savings a company may save utilizing a CMMS solution, like Maintenance Connection.  See how much your organization could save by calculating the projected cost savings and return on investment from using a computerized maintenance management software.

3 IoT Strategies for Improving Your Manufacturing Processes with Maintenance Connection

Nowadays, technology is an integral part of our lives. An array of smart devices surrounds us, whether it is talking to your tv, getting weather reports from your virtual assistant, or monitoring your heartbeat and home security system from the palm of your hand. But what if you could leverage this kind of everyday smart technology to take your maintenance facilities to the next level?

Improving Labor Efficiency with Maintenance Connection

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