EMS: Desk, Room and Event Scheduling Made Easy

Easily Book Spaces and Resources

Book desks, rooms, lab equipment, parking spots and so much more with ease and transparency

Enable Hybrid Work

Easily incorporate the latest VC technologies to simplify hybrid and remote work across your organization

Flexibly Manage Conferences and Events

Impress attendees & customers with event management software that offers complete control of your planning and communication

Simplify Classroom and Exam Scheduling

Streamline and automate your class, meeting and exam scheduling to meet student and instructor expectations

EMS Software is a centralized desk, room, and resource scheduling software. Using this space management software, teams can easily schedule and manage a variety of spaces and resources. These include workspaces, classes, study spaces, meeting rooms, event spaces, and personal spaces.

EMS also allows organizations to optimize their space management efforts with robust utilization data and workflows that connect spaces with services like catering, IT/AV, and facilities. This powerful desk booking software and event management system also integrates with HR systems, facility management tools, student information systems, HVAC controls, video conferencing, Outlook/Exchange, Google Workspace, and other software. Finally, users can connect the EMS office space management software to digital signage, kiosks, sensors, and other hardware.

We were able to replace that 83,000 sq ft building with a 23,000 sq ft building. We estimate the cost savings at about $50,000,000 that we were able to save because we were able to validate the smaller building rather than the larger building. We're using that same process - those same reports, that same recipe - on other campuses to validate the replacement of failing facilities and remodels.
Stacy Brown
    Facilities Data Analyst

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EMS: Desk, Room and Event Scheduling Made Easy



How can this EMS scheduling software be used in universities?

EMS scheduling software connects campuses with ease. Automate exam schedules, set recurring meetings, and receive up-to-the-minute alerts to never miss a thing.

Whether the school is 100% in-person, remote, or a hybrid of the two, EMS scheduling software provides a much-needed connection across teams.

The manner in which colleges communicate is evolving. You need EMS scheduling software that evolves with you.

Does EMS scheduling software work on mobile devices?

Yes, Accruent’s EMS scheduling software functions across mobile devices, giving your team the ability to create and update schedules on the go.

Create reservations, check people in, and reserve seats straight from the mobile interface. Collaborate with the entire team and share updates along the way.

Mobile scheduling makes all processes accessible across your organization.


How does EMS software help with event planning?

This EMS software helps conference and event planners handle the logistics process more easily.

Assign roles and allocate resources across your event with the click of a button. This includes making scheduling changes/updates and coordinating attendee reservations.

Streamline and automate your entire event.


Is this EMS software customizable for all organizations?

Yes, whether you are a business, university, or are putting on a conference, this software can be tailored to suit the needs of your organization.

Choose from 100+ customizable reports to add an extra level of specificity to any project. Easily build your own based on the metrics you want to track most.

Compile the right information for the right people.