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[With EMS], we were able to replace [an] 83,000 sq ft building with a 23,000 square foot building. We estimate the cost savings at about $50,000,000.”
Stacy Brown
    Facilities Data Analyst

Key Benefits of EMS

Get Helpful Space Utilization Insights

Use actionable reports and insights to effectively cut costs, optimize space, and create a more agile environment.

Streamline Conference and Event Management

Take total control over your event or conference planning with our industry-leading event management platform.

Enjoy Intuitive Space and Desk Booking

Enable your students and employees to find the spaces they need to work effectively and engage with their teams.

Enable Hybrid Work

Make in-person, hybrid, and remote scheduling a breeze with a purpose-built, easy-to-use space management tool.

EMS Keybenefits

Key Capabilities of EMS Scheduling Software

Space and Resource Scheduling

Whether you need to book a desk, meeting room, parking space, or even gym equipment, the EMS scheduling platform has you covered.

Analytics and Reporting

Choose from EMS Analytics’ 100+ standard reports or build and share customized reports to make smarter, more satisfying space decisions.

Conference and Event Management

Streamline scheduling, vendor management, space booking, and work orders for in-control events that wow attendees.

Class and Exam Scheduling

Use EMS Academic Scheduling Software to automate scheduling, avoid conflicts, and eliminate schedule-related headaches.