In an increasingly mobile world, being able to manage your assets from anywhere, at any time, is essential. FAMIS 360 Mobile builds on the capabilities of our FAMIS 360 facilities management and space planning software, serving as a resource for engineers, technicians, vendors and facility managers to work more efficiently in the field.

Now our customers have two more items in their facilities management (FM) toolbelt. Accruent has released FAMIS 360 Asset Assistant and FAMIS 360 Request Assistant, add-ons that expand FAMIS 360’s mobile capabilities to further ensure the visibility and control needed to maintain equipment and other assets.

FAMIS 360 Asset Assistant

Moveable assets like scientific devices, computer equipment and vehicles not only comprise a valuable portion of your capital equipment, they also tend to move from place to place.  

Tracking these assets is vital – if an asset goes missing, for example, knowing where it was last seen can be critical in recovering it – but monitoring them can be time consuming and manually intensive. Institutions spend inordinate amounts of time locating and cataloging assets, often writing the information on a piece of paper and then transferring it into their FM systems back in the main office.  

Additionally, individuals outside of the facilities group frequently manage requests to move, transfer, reassign or deactivate assets. These individuals need a way to initiate changes without necessarily having direct access to the full asset management system.

FAMIS 360 Asset Assistant is designed to take the hassle out of managing your moveable assets through a combination of capabilities presented in an intuitive, familiar way.  

The app’s look and feel mimics the familiar chat or text messaging user experience, with clear notifications and prompts throughout each interaction. Sophisticated, powerful workflow and routing ensure all parties follow your institution’s business rules for requests, reviews and approvals.

For requests that can change the state, ownership or location of the asset, Asset Assistant includes the following core features:

  • Check-in/check-out capabilities that assign a person or department to the asset, eliminating duplicate efforts
  • Work order creation for changing assignments so a record exists of where the asset has been and whom it was assigned to
  • The ability to attach documentation to support requests, such as appending a police report when reporting a stolen asset

Asset Assistant also supports inventory and audit processes. Employees in the field can use the audit features to create a physical inventory of movable assets based on chosen criteria, such as department or building. And they can associate a QR code to an asset as they’re performing the inventory, which allows them to more easily identify any assets that may have been missed during cataloging.

Asset Assistant:

  • Facilitates communication with those responsible for assets
  • Aids in troubleshooting issues with data, status and other attributes
  • Helps you certify inventories and meet your compliance objectives

By keeping everything in one system – preventive maintenance, reactive work orders and transfer of asset work orders – you improve the efficiency of maintenance operations and provide timely information for better asset decision making.


FAMIS 360 Request Assistant

Another recently released add-on for FAMIS 360 Mobile, FAMIS 360 Request Assistant, is designed to enhance your work request processes.

Oftentimes the first people to notice the need for maintenance are not facilities or maintenance team members but instead are end users. For example, a dorm resident may wish to submit a request for their living space or an event attendee may notice a bathroom or other facility issue. In these cases, giving the end user the ability to submit a work order can streamline the request process.

The Request Assistant enables this functionality through a mobile app. The student, event attendee or other end user can easily create a work order by answering simple questions or scanning a QR code. Your users have a better experience, and your call centers/work control spend less time creating work orders manually.

The Value of FAMIS 360 Mobile

These apps are just two of the ways in which FAMIS 360 Mobile helps you improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity, control costs, ensure compliance and optimize funding.

Contact us today to start a conversation about how Accruent’s FAMIS 360 asset management solution can help you with your asset management needs.