By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager

Environmental services serve as the front-line defense to keep hospitals safe and secure.

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can ensure that the environmental services team is able to respond to requests quickly and efficiently, while providing a record of their activities.

TMS serves as the leading CMMS solution for hospitals, including the environmental services team.

There are three ways that the software can support your EVS needs:

Track cleaning requests.

From room cleaning to all housekeeping tasks, using TMS as your EVS solution can ensure that you are able to easily track these requests and help your team prioritize as needed. TMS also allows you to include checklists to further simplify the request and ensure that all steps in the process are completed. In fact, by having the ability to track, clean and prepare rooms quicker, you can increase your organization’s revenue.

Automate service requests.

How does your team receive service requests today? Is it filtered through one or two people before it reaches the EVS team? Through TMS, you can use workstations across the hospital so that people can easily enter their request and to automatically show up in the queue. In doing so, you can save time and costs by automating the process and allow your technicians to service the requests more quickly.

Gain visibility into requests.

Understand how much your team dedicates to specific requests by reviewing reports that come standard in TMS. In fact, the software boasts more than 250 standard reports to give you insight into key metrics, like work orders completed per month and the cost per work order. In addition, it helps you report on key elements required for regulatory requirements set forth by the Joint Commission.

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