Strategic Values of an IWMS Solution: Gain Visibility into the Real Estate and Facilities Portfolio

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Strategic Values of an IWMS Solution: Gain Visibility into the Real Estate and Facilities Portfolio

By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager

Disparate systems result in an inability to manage data. Real-time visibility into how the facilities and real estate portfolio is performing ensures the management team can optimize their decision making process, which in turn can help drive overall profitability for the organization.

IWMS solutions provide access to reports and dashboards that cannot be accessed through point solutions. These real-time graphical reporting platforms enable stakeholders to analyze data at a top-level overview, as well as provide the capability to review detailed data points to make informed decisions.

As a result, stakeholders link key data from the real estate and facilities lifecycle to make decisions that will ultimately impact the company’s bottom line by having all pieces together.

The IWMS Advantage

Turning real estate and facilities into a strategic contributor of the organization can help drive business decisions that give organizations a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Enabling data visibility to eliminate silos within the real estate and facilities portfolio can provide insight into the true performance and costs related to managing the portfolio components.iwmspost7.jpg

A scalable, cloud-based IWMS solution, serves as a partner to help organizations manage the entire real estate and facility lifecycle. With a scalable solution, companies can implement the pillars of the system when it fits their current growth stage. With cloud-based software, organizations are always operating on the most up-to-date version – meaning you can add additional capabilities at any time without having to invest in upgrading your current version of software. This means data remains accessible at any time and can be accessed from anywhere in the organization – on both desktop and mobile devices – accommodating changes as time progresses and technology advances.

From tracking the number of reactive work orders tied to an asset to evaluating future occupancy needs and facilitating moves by automating work orders requests, an IWMS solution becomes a strategic tool that provides a holistic view of organizations. It enables management to make timely and informed decisions, which directly impacts profitability and accelerates attainment of long-term goals. 

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Understanding forecasted capital planning to drive projects is just one value that your organization can gain from an IWMS solution. Read previous blog posts to learn about the six other values in the series. You can also download the whitepaper The Strategic Value of IWMS to learn how your organization can drive profitability from your real estate and facilities portfolio.

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