December 12, 2019

Accruent & MapsPeople Partner to Get People to Their Meetings, Classes and Events Faster

Explore the combination of resource scheduling and indoor way finding applications to reduce wasted time and frustration and increase productivity.

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Combination of resource scheduling and indoor way finding applications to reduce wasted time and frustration.

Austin, Texas, December 12, 2019 Accruent, the world’s leading provider of solutions for the built environment, has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with MapsPeople, creator of an indoor navigation platform based on Google Maps. The alliance will allow corporations, universities and other organizations to reduce the complexity of locating meetings and people within large facilities, increasing employee productivity and decreasing visitor frustration by delivering internal maps in connection with employee and meeting information.

According to a study sponsored by Atlassian, the average corporate employee attends 62 meetings per month. In addition, as reported by the Washington Post, office hoteling continues to increase as the average office desk is occupied just 47% of the time. As workplace management has become more complex, software such as Accruent’s EMS solution has become an important tool to manage meeting spaces, workspaces and office services. EMS delivers space and event scheduling, and complex workplace optimization to more than 1,800 universities and companies around the world.

In some large facilities, the additional challenge of locating a meeting room or co-worker can result in significant wasted employee time. To help companies, organizations and schools to reduce time spent searching for meeting rooms, people and workspaces, Accruent and MapsPeople have agreed to provide mutual support of client solutions including Accruent’s EMS resource and room scheduling application and MapsPeople’s MapsIndoors navigation application.

Using the combination of EMS and MapsIndoors, users can:

  • Schedule meetings and workspaces from their device or scheduling kiosks and get immediate access to indoor navigation information.
  • Get a real-time overview of an entire office space or campus with the tap of a finger
  • Integrate MapsIndoors and EMS with a variety of sensors to monitor whether booked meeting spaces are occupied or left unused, improving space usage analysis

“The digital workplace will see massive growth in the coming years. It is a dynamic environment where innovation is crucial,” says Jonas Berntsen, Chief Operating Officer, MapsPeople. “Large workspaces are often complex to navigate. That complexity can lead to wasted time, wasted money, and frustration. We see our partnership with Accruent as a milestone for improving our clients' employee satisfaction which will save them money and help them retain employees.”

Accruent’s EMS software is used by more than 1,800 organizations including corporations, non-profits, government entities and educational campuses to manage scheduling and availability of locations and resources. MapsIndoors is an independent navigation platform that maintains maps for more than 827 million square feet of space. Both products have open interfaces, making it easy to integrate with almost any third-party system.

“EMS enables scheduling and resource management to a broad spectrum of organizations, helping them to avoid paying for space that they don’t need,” adds Jason Day, Vice President Channels and Alliances, Accruent. “Partnerships that allow our users to take advantage of navigation tools such as MapsPeople complete the picture by making the people using those spaces more productive.”

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