July 18, 2017

City of León Launches Accruent Asset & Project Management Solution

Learn how this city in Mexico increases transparency of construction projects to citizens and developers through Siterra.

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Increases transparency of construction projects to citizens and developers.

Austin, Texas, July 18, 2017 – Accruent, the world’s leading provider of software and services that enable organizations to shape, drive, manage and control their physical assets, announced today that the City of León, Mexico, has launched Siterra, Accruent’s solution to manage the processes related to construction projects for 120+ sites.

The Urban Development area (Desarollo Urbano) of the City of León approves and oversees all construction projects, including new developments, restructures, and improvements. Desarollo Urbano manages the legal processes for urban development by construction companies – from tracking applications and requesting plans to granting licenses and approving projects.

“We are committed to providing transparency within our processes,” said Héctor López Santillana, Mayor, City of León. “With Siterra, we can improve response time to developers, ensure compliance with government-mandated regulations, and track that developers are delivering required improvements to the city, such as building a park or paving a street.”

By using Accruent’s solution, the City of León can gain visibility into exactly where they are within a project, tracking all the processes along the way and monitoring metrics for response times. Due to the range of development processes that Desarollo Urbano oversees – from initial request to project approval and status of improvements – Siterra’s task completion and reporting capabilities were the deciding factors in selecting Accruent.

“The City of León is dedicated to bringing the city into the future with technology to track these construction projects and ensure the completion of infrastructure improvements,” said John Borgerding, CEO of Accruent. “By using Siterra, the City of León can increase their service to both citizens and developers as the city continues to grow.”

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