The real estate lifecycle is filled with endless paperwork, inaccuracies and standards that are constantly changing. Having a purpose-built real estate software solution to help manage and track site selection, capital projects and programs, and all your lease administration needs is critical to a successful business.

When our customers implement our lease accounting solution to help manage their real estate, we work right alongside them to achieve a successful implementation without disrupting their business, as they reach on-time compliance and lessen their paperwork headaches.

To help our customers drive user adoption, we are excited to announce the launch of Accruent Academy Learning Center, a continuous training resource for our customers. Designed to help our users become in-house experts with the technical knowledge to maintain and manage their lease accounting solution, our training center is built on helping you unlock the full potential of our software. It also can assist new users in getting up to speed faster and realizing the system’s full potential.

Through eLearning, instructor-led, or blended learning courses, Accruent Academy offers several tracks that help users understand all the capabilities that our lease accounting solution provides.

Training courses

  • Lease Administrator. Daily users will focus solely on lease accounting and lease management functionalities such as data entry, lease accounting processes, reports and integrations, lease management configurations and best practices.
  • System Administrator. Anyone responsible for the configuration or involved with implementation will benefit from this course as it covers system and user interface configuration, data input, management, security settings and best practices.
  • Equipment Contracts. Covering all there is to know about the new equipment accounting processes required for FASB compliance.
  • Report Building. Users will gain a deeper understanding of the report tools and database tables.
  • Fundamentals. Introduces the basics of our lease accounting solution to ensure users are comfortable within the software.

Throughout the courses, users can monitor and track their performance. Additionally, the Administrator training requires a certification exam to verify understanding of the material presented.

After implementing our lease accounting solution to manage their real estate, companies will need a quick way to onboard additional users who need to gain experience in the software. By training users to work and understand our solution efficiently, user confidence and time to value increases significantly, accelerating adoption of the software.

Unlock your software’s potential and accelerate your implementation! Contact us today or register directly for the Accruent Academy Learning Center!