As the world settles into a more remote and virtual “new normal,” businesses have continued to push digital transformation initiatives and to update their technologies accordingly. To this end, organizations across industries have begun to push for purpose-built solutions that can easily integrate with each other and function across teams and devices.

In the manufacturing industry, in particular, this has manifested itself as a renewed effort to maintain compliance and to facilitate remote collaboration and automated work order management. Accruent’s Meridian engineering document management is offering new functionalities for the cloud to support these efforts.

The latest cloud release for Meridian offers many workflow enhancements with:

  • Enhanced CFR 21 Part 11 Support
  • Updated User Experience
  • Over 40+ System Enhancements


New Meridian Functionality for the Cloud

Enhanced CFR 21 Part 11 Support

Many industries, including the pharmaceutical industry, must follow CFR 21 Part 11, which enforces security, audibility, traceability and error prevention. To maintain compliance with this regulation, software quality needs to be consistently proven, which means that any software changes or upgrades must be immediately tested and validated. This can be a huge pain point without the appropriate technological infrastructure.

Meridian Cloud has all the features required for regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical industry with enough configuration options to support the different customer variations that may be needed. Specifically, Meridian Cloud includes features for:

  • Electronic signatures: The ability to revalidate a user as part of an approval process
  • Final approval: The ability to have a finite approval step, independent from the other engineering approvals
  • Workflow lock-down: The ability to avoid unauthorized document modification and have full audit traceability
  • Electronic watermark: The ability to stamp the PDF with information to show the document status and approval information

Updated User Experience

An intuitive, easy-to-navigate user experience is essential to maximizing adoption and modernizing the Meridian tool. The latest improvements to the user experience include more native language support and streamlined look and configurations:

  • Updated Accruent Branding - New Accruent branding will be deployed to all Meridian Cloud applications in all non-production and production tenancies. This consists of new black and white headers and footers. For consistency, all headers will display the product name Meridian.
  • Additional Language Support – Finnish is now available and fully supported in Meridian Portal.
  • Improved User Registration – New options provide the ability to configure user registration email verification in Meridian PowerWeb.

Over 40+ System Enhancements

The Meridian Cloud + Portal Q3 release is introducing over 40+ system enhancements to Meridian Portal, Meridian PowerWeb, Meridian Explorer, and Meridian Viewer.

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