Engineering document management software is essential when trying to connect disparate departments.

Process manufacturers must be able to break down information silos within their organization to bring quality products safely and efficiently into the market and deliver consistent results. According to Market Watch, "Businesses Losing $140 Billion Annually to Disconnected Data", 47% of companies believe that disconnected data is impacting their organization’s ability to innovate, develop new products and services, and get them to market quickly. Disconnected data can affect the safety of staff and can make it difficult for process manufacturers to develop their products effectively.

To help ensure that global manufacturers can gain 24/7 access to their mission-critical engineering drawings and technical documentation, Accruent is adding new functionality and integrations to its flagship products in engineering information management and asset management. These additions allow organizations to track all their asset documentation throughout the asset lifecycle and break down internal and external silos of communication.

Accruent's engineering and document management platforms.

Engineering document management and facilities management software.

When engineering documentation is not updated properly across an organization, things can go catastrophically wrong. If water pipes, outlets, and wires are moved, or walls are removed, whether permanently or temporarily, the documentation for the facilities management team must be updated accordingly. Otherwise, people on facilities teams can get hurt, or routine work orders can be delayed by on-the-job accidents. Avoiding accidents and operating as efficiently as possible means ensuring that maintenance teams are working with current, accurate, and complete technical documentation.

With the integration of solutions for engineering information management and facilities management, Accruent can unite disparate engineering and maintenance teams to:

  • Ensure accuracy of asset information.
  • Close work orders more efficiently.
  • Allow for the safe delivery of quality products throughout the asset lifecycle.
  • Facilities Management and Capital Planning Departments.

Facilities management and capital planning departments.

Typically, capital planning departments work separately from the facilities management team. This separation means that capital planning groups can make incorrect assumptions about the facilities' data and add unneeded items. These assumptions are the foundation for what should be comprehensive plans for an organization's facilities and assets, and any mistakes can quickly derail attempts to balance multiple objectives..

By taking advantage of the integration between Accruent's Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and capital planning platform, capital planning teams can leverage more data and drive meaningful change.

Key functionality upgrades.

With key functionality upgrades that assist operations, maintenance, and engineering teams, Accruent can help organizations in asset-intensive industries ensure safety for staff and become more efficient.

Ensure accurate engineering documentation while out in the field.

Accruents engineering document and drawing management system, Meridian Mobile provides an easy-to-use mobile interface that gives maintenance teams access to critical engineering and lifecycle data, provided there is a network connection available. Users are able to find documentation related to work orders before going on-site, print the required documents from their mobile device, and then bring the documents on-site for work. While on-site, users can annotate, add comments, and attach photos to documents from their mobile device. With access to view and approve asset documents from their iOS, Android, or Windows phones or tablets, users can take swift action on their workflow tasks or to-do lists..

Identify workflow bottlenecks easily by analyzing past performance.

Meridian Analytics allows managers and planners to know the normal workflow times, in order to better analyze historic workflow management in their Meridian vault and determine typical completion times. They should then be able to correlate completion times with key properties to find bottlenecks and optimize their internal and external resources.

Maximize visibility into your engineering documentation within the cloud.

Meridian Cloud notifies users in real-time via email when they are assigned various tasks by managers and planners. Our solution is able to help reduce the time searching for information by allowing users to find text within the content of engineering documents and lifecycle management quickly through full-text indexing.

How Accruent's Engineering Document Management Software Can Help

Organizations in the process manufacturing industry have begun to invest in new business processes and data management tools to reduce operating costs, combat aging infrastructure and ensure a safe workplace for their employees. As a global solution provider, Accruent can assist customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their assets, to effectively and efficiently manage critical aspects of asset reliability, compliance, safety, and environmental risks.

With the added integrations and functionalities from Accruent, organizations in the process manufacturing industry can minimize exposure to hazardous conditions, react faster to unplanned events, improve efficiency through more effective resource planning, and identify potential bottlenecks and exceptions in advance. These added integrations and new functionalities allow companies to focus on delivering quality products efficiently for their customers.

Today, the world's 10 largest pharmaceutical companies, and half of the world's largest oil & gas and chemical companies use Accruent's engineering document management software and facilities management solution to help manage key aspects of their business. Ensure that your organization has 24/7 access to their critical asset management information anytime, anywhere. Schedule a demo today!