In August 2017, Lucernex and Accruent joined forces with Lucernex becoming part of the largest company focused on optimizing every aspect of planning and managing physical assets.

As companies prepare to become FASB/IASB-compliant by first quarter of 2019 for public companies and 2020 for private companies, the focus has shifted from simply understanding the new regulations, to actively selecting a compliant lease solution with a company that has a proven history of successful data migration, implementations and integrations.

To help customers prepare for the lease accounting changes, Accruent entered into a joint business relationship with PricewaterhouseCoopers which:

  • Enables PwC and Accruent to work together, where permitted by professional and regulatory requirements
  • Allows customers to leverage PwC’s experience in delivering lease accounting services and Accruent’s expertise in developing and implementing software for lease administration and accounting

In addition, Accruent maintains the partnership with Skoda Minotti, an independent accounting firm. As we continue to deliver new product enhancements, Skoda Minotti will continue to certify our FASB/IASB calculations and our approach to the new IFRS 16 and ASC 842 standards.