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Published: Sep 21 2021

When Manufacturing 4.0 meets sustainability, a talk between experts

Webinar Date: Thu Oct 28 2021

Webinar Time: 09:00 AM UTC

During this roundtable, we will explore the different perspectives of worldwide industry experts, regarding the impact of new environment demands in the manufacturing industry.

According to James Selka, CEO of MTA: “Innovation will be the key to success in a low carbon environment of the future”.

Are global manufacturers ready to embrace the impact of digital transformation in their organisation?

This will be discussed, amongst other points, where James Selka, CEO of MTA, Valerio CastelNuovo, owner of Systema and Kevin Clark, VP of Industrial Strategy at Accruent will highlight the importance of embracing Industry 4.0 and how the right software can place your enterprise in the run to the Green Revolution.

This 45 webinar covers:

  • Digital Transformation
  • How each country is embracing the Green Revolution
  • Industry 4.0 a today’s reality


Insights-Event - speaker - Manufacturing Technology Association - James Selka

James Selka

CEO, Manufacturing Technology Association

Insights-Event - speaker - Systema Italy - Valerio Castelnuovo

Valerio Castelnuovo

Owner, Systema Italy

Insights-Event - speaker - Accruent - Kevin Clark

Kevin Clark

Vice President, Industrial Strategy , Accruent

Insights-Event - speaker - Accruent - Giorgia Giuliani

Giorgia Giuliani

Account Executive , Accruent

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