Lease Administration and Abstraction Services

Control Costs and Manage Your Portfolio Quickly

Accruent - Lease Administration and Abstraction Services

Stop overpaying your landlords by reducing the risk of missing renewal and expiration dates, finding a clause in your lease that saves money, and conducting accurate year-reconciliations with Accruent’s Lease Administration and Abstraction Services.

Accruent’s Lease Administration team is comprised of seasoned lease administrators using market-leading technology and processes to deliver significant savings for customers around the world. Our goal is to provide customers with comprehensive, accurate, and timely lease administration to ensure all critical lease information is available at the user’s fingertips.

Our Lease Abstraction Services enable your business to facilitate system adoption and help you get the most out of your lease administration software. Your lease abstraction needs may include initial and option terms, recurring expenses, past and future rent steps for accurate FASB reporting, critical dates, lease clauses, and percentage rent details and breakpoints.

Your organization has full control over how much data you want abstracted from leases, while allowing you to select each abstraction item.

Accruent Professional Services can provide lease abstraction as an option with your initial implementation or as a separate project.

Lease Administration Services include:

  • Ongoing Lease Data Management
  • Document Updates
  • Reporting
  • Payment of recurring and non-recurring expenses
  • Critical Date Management


Lease Abstraction Services include:

  • Initial document analysis
  • Application configuration based on your needs
  • Abstraction of leases and all related amendments, as scoped
  • Document upload
  • Quality assurance review of all lease abstracts
  • Client-tailored templates for gathering data not contained in leases
  • Portfolio consistency with best practices from Accruent