Asset Lifecycle Information Management Software Benefits Manufacturers

Process manufacturers’ mission is to deliver quality products efficiently and safely to their customers. However, that can be difficult to accomplish when engineering, maintenance, and operations struggle to communicate because of disparate asset information systems.


Accruent’s Asset Lifecycle Information Management software breaks down engineering information silos by providing enhanced team communication and collaboration with 24/7 access to the most up-to-date engineering documentation. Maintenance teams can now optimize asset lifecycle information management, which helps reduce asset and plant downtime, increases labor efficiency and safety, and extends asset longevity throughout the asset lifecycle.


Increase Ability to Innovate and Develop New Products

Bridge the gap between maintenance and engineering with Accruent’s asset lifecycle information management system. Quicken the time to market by gaining 24/7 access to mission-critical engineering documents and drawings throughout the asset lifecycle and ensure maximum visibility to all departments across your business.

Streamline Your Engineering and Maintenance Processes

Streamline work order processing and speed up work order completion for greater labor efficiency and compliance while ensuring quality products by leveraging asset lifecycle information management (ALIM) software.

Prevent Costly Errors and Accidents for Employees

Avoid costly rework, unplanned downtime, and a growing backlog of work for internal and external teams by approving changes in the field. Asset data is always up-to-date when you implement the right digital asset lifecycle information management software using Meridian Mobile.

Maximize Your Enterprise Asset Management System

Provide a single source of truth for all engineering documentation giving maintenance teams direct access to all related technical documentation with the click of a button within their enterprise asset management (EAM) system.

Turbocharge Your CMMS

Convert windshield time into wrench time at your manufacturing organization by providing all your work order data and required documentation for your maintenance teams by integrating your EDMS and CMMS in one easy-to-use asset information management solution.

What are some benefits of Asset Lifecycle Information Management Software?

  1. Improved Asset Visibility: Organizations can track their assets in real-time, providing complete visibility into their location, condition, and status. This allows organizations to make informed decisions about asset utilization, maintenance, and retirement.

  2. Increased Asset Performance: Provides organizations with detailed insights into asset performance, allowing them to identify potential issues before they become major problems. This can help reduce downtime, improve productivity, and extend asset lifespan.

  3. Streamlined Asset Maintenance: Can automate asset maintenance processes, including scheduling, tracking, and reporting. This can save organizations time and money by reducing the need for manual intervention and ensuring that assets are maintained at the right time and in the right way.

  4. Enhanced Compliance: Can help organizations stay compliant with regulatory requirements, including OSHA, EPA, and ISO standards. This can help reduce the risk of costly penalties and fines and improve overall business performance.