When it comes to talking about facilities management, it’s complicated.

Businesses are looking for efficiencies to save money and resources while still best serving their customers. Therefore, many businesses have tasked their facilities teams with saving money on energy, work orders, equipment life, and efficiently operating existing equipment. Many facilities managers understand the need for automation when it comes to work order processing and other simple tasks.

As a result, facilities managers must think outside the box and utilize tools to make changes to simplify the work order process and other various tasks across their enterprises without adding more work for everyone else.

We have installed an IoT remote monitoring solution, now what?

IoT remote monitoring is designed to connect devices, data, and the people that operate these devices to make data-driven decisions. IoT enables your facilities managers to make better choices when it comes to equipment and operations to save energy, extend equipment life, and ensure budgets are maximized, while ensuring business KPIs are met.

It is especially difficult across a multi-site business for a one-person or small team of facility specialists to provide the governance needed to enforce standards to create impactful cost savings and business efficiencies. For forward-thinking operational teams, enterprise control and setpoints become a highly beneficial solution.

Facilities and operations professionals no longer operate a single store or just a few stores within a region. Their roles have shifted to keeping a watchful eye over a multi-state region or over large metropolitan areas with dense concentrations of stores. This shift requires these professionals to have insight and control over all their assets in a meaningful way to ensure efficiency. Through Accruent’s setpoint control functionality, this insight is achievable.

If you have a retail store chain in the United States and all your stores close by 9 pm, you do not want to waste energy on running your parking lot lights past that time. Through Accruent’s IoT Platform, you can turn off your parking lot lights automatically each night to ensure that all your stores are complying without having to check every site or have store managers be responsible for another closing item. You can also use this setpoint control functionality for commercial refrigeration, HVAC systems, security systems, and any other IP-enabled asset you want to control across your multiple locations. This type of functionality helps create the savings and efficiencies that your business is looking for without creating more work and hassle for store managers or the facilities team.

Take control with IoT remote monitoring.

Depending on your installed hardware, Accruent’s IoT remote monitoring Platform can make over 20,000 commands in less than five minutes. It would take a small team of engineers or facility managers weeks to push out 20,000 commands manually and this method leaves too much room for human error. Even with manual shut-off rules installed in each device, this type of control would be difficult to duplicate due to the multitude of manufacturers and models of equipment your business utilizes.

Accruent’s IoT remote monitoring solution, leaves a full-audit trail with multi-stage approvals so you can remove the guesswork of who did what and when. The system also logs the command’s results so you know if your commands were successful and where they may have failed in order to have full visibility into the command’s accuracy. Utilizing set point controls allows Accruent to become your business’s second pair of eyes. We can ensure that your parking lot lights are off at close, your HVAC is running the temperatures it is supposed to be, and that your security systems are turned on once your employees go home for the night. We allow you to control all of this automatically through customized workflows as well as a single dashboard that can control all of your assets.

Making small changes to a significant amount of equipment does not have to be complicated. It can be done and done quickly, which saves time, saves money and saves resources.

Learn how Accruent’s IoT Remote Monitoring solution can help you take control of your enterprise. Contact Us today!