A Thank You to the World's Facility Managers

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A Thank You to the World's Facility Managers

This week and today in particular we celebrate World FM Day, which was organized back in 2008 to help bring awareness to the facility management profession around the world.

This year, World FM Day focuses on a particular theme, “building resilience for the future,” to emphasize the importance of facility management in keeping organizations operational through continuity plans, risk mitigation, and energy management and sustainability.accruent.thank-you.png

We’ve seen the role of the facility manager elevate throughout the years, and now, they are taking on more responsibility to ensure success for their organization no matter the shifts in business, weather or economic conditions.

Because of this, we want to thank the world’s facility managers on this day, which is dedicated to them for all that they do to keep our facilities running:

A special shout out to the College and University Facility Managers. Each time I step onto a new campus, I’m amazed at your ability to create a balance between social/community interaction, architectural beauty, and delivery of knowledge.You excel at creating the perfect environment for our children to grow and learn. – Tim McLean, Director, Strategy

Without facility managers, how would we get any work done? Thank you for all you do! – Casey Williams, Business Development Representative

Thank you to all of the facilities managers and crews who work tirelessly to ensure that our education, public, and corporate facilities are safe, beautiful, and compelling environments to live, work and learn. And thank you for being exceptional partners and contributors to the development of our FM solutions. – James Millican, Sr. Product Manager

Thank you to the world’s facility managers for always making our offices safe and comfortable. – Cameron Shinabarker, Account Executive

Prior to my role at Accruent, I was not aware of the behind-the-scenes work completed by facility managers and how they impact each and every part of our daily lives. I appreciate so much what they do to make our lives easier. – Heather Cronbaugh, Sr. Product Manager

Buildings play a role in so many aspects of our lives -- whether it's to grab a morning coffee, work in the office or to watch a new movie release. Thank you to the facility managers around the world who work tirelessly to ensure that we can do all of this without even having to think twice about our comfort or safety. – Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager

Thank you facility managers for your dedication in providing quality facilities for all of us to enjoy. – J Gonzalez, Support Manager

Bottom line: Thank you for all you do!

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