Rice University Implementation Success Story

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Rice University Implementation Success Story

Rice University

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Conducting a thorough business process review marked the first step in Rice University’s journey to FAMIS Cloud. By understanding the core policies and procedures of their Facilities team business unit, they were able to identify best practices and map out a structure that streamlined processes using issue-specific working-group committees.

One of the big decisions made by the team was to not move their FAMIS historical data over to the cloud-platform. They were happy accessing their old data in the old system for as long into the future as would be necessary. This opened up an opportunity that gave them freedom to pull the data out of their old system and disperse it among the affected teams. Those teams were able to use Excel and other common tools to review and update the data to make sure it was accurate and in the best possible format for FAMIS Cloud.

With those steps in place, the Accruent Professional Services team was able to upload the various blocks of corrected data as it was ready, instead of waiting to receive all of the data at once. In this way, they were able to shorten their implementation timeline and avoid scheduling roadblocks associated with direct migration of data.

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