Vx Sustain: Enterprise Refrigerant Management

Vx Sustain refrigerant management software helps you seamlessly monitor refrigerant levels, warnings and reports while reducing maintenance costs and staying compliant.

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Vx Sustain: Your All-in-One Refrigerant Management Solution

Save millions in regulatory fines, equipment upgrades and refrigerant gas.

Gain deep visibility into refrigerant metrics - Main

Gain deep visibility into refrigerant metrics

Understand all your assets that use refrigerant. Vx Sustain works with any refrigerant system, HVAC system or system sensor, funneling it all into a single dashboard.

Gain deep visibility into refrigerant metrics - Main

Reduce maintenance costs

Refrigerant leaks are one of your highest maintenance expenses. Control leakage with Vx Sustain to significantly lower maintenance costs and boost your bottom line.

Reduce maintenance costs - Main

Improve compliance

Vx Sustain can be configured to match the tracking and reporting requirements for all your locations, making it simpler to comply with EPA Section 608 refrigerant regulations.

Improve compliance - Main

Lower fines

Avoid thousands of dollars in non-compliance fines. vx Sustain monitors refrigerant-related activities in real time so you resolve issues before they become expensive problems.

Lower fines - Main

Increase staff efficiency

Are employees spending inordinate time on refrigerant tasks? With Verisae vx Sustain, they easily enter data via mobile device and quickly determine leakage through automated calculations.

Increase staff efficiency - Main

Take Control of Refrigerant Costs and Compliance

From purchase to disposal, vx Sustain provides real-time visibility into the entire refrigerant usage lifecycle.

Comprehensive refrigerant management - Main

Comprehensive refrigerant management

With vx Sustain, you can manage all events for refrigeration and HVAC systems – including the capture of full system details, gas types and volumes, activity record retention for F-Gas/EPA compliance, technician certifications, leak rate alerting and follow-up checks.

Streamlined workflows and work orders - Main

Streamlined workflows and work orders

Vx Sustain has built-in workflows and rules so your business can automate your verification and inspection tests. You can also create work orders as needed while covering requirements for compliance – adding up to large savings by preventing unnecessary inspections.

Maintenance data integrations  - Main

Maintenance data integrations

When combined with other systems, vx Sustain creates greater efficiencies across your organization. You can integrate it with your CMMS or mobile workforce management system to speed repairs, or access refrigerant and equipment data in a unified dashboard for quick insights.

What makes Vx Sustain stand out?

Vx Sustain is the longest-standing refrigerant management application on the market.

Proven results

For annual emissions, the average grocery refrigerant leak rate is 25%. Grocers in the EPA GreenChill Program record 13.5%. Vx Sustain customers? Less than 10%.

Equipment auditing

With Vx Sustain, you can audit your current refrigerator’s set points to ensure they are running at the company standard and not overrunning or overcooling.

Easy-to-read charts and graphs

Vx Sustain lets you see energy use, savings trends and detail for all units in a graphical view. Consolidate and record readings from all locations via a central data manager.

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