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Published: May 23 2018

Achieving a Modern Workplace with Serraview

A recent study has shown that disengagement and stress in the workplace is compounded by the physical work environment1. Most people spend most of their work week in an office that’s expected to foster creativity, productivity, and collaboration. The unfortunate reality is that most work environments actually inhibit their employees from reaching the goals outlined by their managers.

An open floor concept while seemingly encouraging “collaboration”, limits meeting space and restricts creativity, especially for those who require a quieter work space. Conversely, if team building is important, it may be more difficult to reinforce a strong team dynamic if employees are dispersed throughout several buildings, or across a campus.

These scenarios can result in poor work performance and productivity, not to mention the direct budget hits due to unnecessary expenses, including rent or meeting space.

To remain competitive in the market, employers are taking a hard look at ways to improve existing workspaces to lessen discord, reinforce productivity, and contribute to cost-savings.

The Modern Workplace

How organizations deliver today’s modern workplace is two-fold: dedication and space optimization software. With a solution like Serraview, Accruent’s partner in space optimization integrated with FAMIS 360, employers can visualize and manage space, buildings, and people, including generating “what-if” scenarios and right-sizing team allocations based on occupancy levels. This visibility allows organizations to visualize how their space would change if a conference room was removed to make way for more desks, or if they moved a team of eight into an area only built for five.

Beyond visualizing space, Serraview pinpoints savings opportunities. Organizations that are already utilizing space management are usually doing so manually – time-consuming and full-time work with less than stellar results. Serraview performs this same work in seconds, with enhanced details and removing the potential for human error.

Consider this scenario: If you lease Building A and Building B for your company, but Building B is only filled to 25% capacity, how would the floorplan of Building A change if all employees from Building B were moved to Building A? Space planning software can tell you not only what the layout can look like, but what cost-associated savings the company can achieve from no longer leasing Building B.

Beyond the Floorplan

Serraview also provides wayfinding technology to improve the workplace experience by helping employees locate people and spaces in a large facility. So, if you have a team dispersed across multiple floors, or unfamiliar with the location of a conference room, the information is at their fingertips.

Why Serraview

While there are plenty of software solutions that boast space and occupancy planning, what sets Serraview apart is the concept of managing space based on real-time utilization. Real-time utilization allows organizations to make fact-based, real-time, strategic decisions rather than assumptions.
A modern workplace is good for the people and good for the business. And with Serraview, it can be achievable.

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