Accruent Enhances Cloud-Based Manufacturing Solution to Deliver Efficiency and Cost Savings to Plant Maintenance Teams


Accruent Enhances Cloud-Based Manufacturing Solution to Deliver Efficiency and Cost Savings to Plant Maintenance Teams

Accruent Enhances Cloud-Based Manufacturing Solution to Deliver Efficiency and Cost Savings to Plant Maintenance

Market Leader Enriches Engineering Document Access, Asset Synchronization and User Management


Austin, TX, May 21, 2020 – Accruent, the leading provider of solutions to manage the built environment, today announced enhancements to its cloud-based manufacturing solutions designed to improve access to critical asset information for technicians and engineers working at manufacturing plants and other asset-intensive facilities. By leveraging the advantages of cloud-based solutions such as its award-winning Maintenance Connection enterprise asset management (EAM) software and its Meridian engineering document management (EDM) software, Accruent continues to help its clients drive maintenance and facilities efficiencies that prevent costly errors, rework and unplanned asset downtime.

According to a 2019 survey by Plant Engineering magazine, 77% of unscheduled manufacturing plant downtime is the result of equipment condition or maintenance issues. The International Society of Automation also estimates that almost every plant loses at least 5% of production due to downtime and that many lose as much as 20%. These combined measures indicate that most manufacturing facilities lose between 4% and 16% of total plant output due to maintenance-related issues. With every hour – if not every minute – of unplanned downtime resulting in both lost revenues and unplanned expenses, it is critical that manufacturers manage their maintenance programs as efficiently as possible.

In order to help manufacturers improve maintenance and repair efficiency and reduce errors, rework and downtime, Accruent has enhanced its manufacturing portfolio to fully leverage the advantages of cloud-based software. The most recent additions to the Accruent cloud-based manufacturing solution include:

These enhancements will drive a number of benefits for users, including:

  • Reduced maintenance costs: Technicians can better prepare and manage time for maintenance jobs with access to engineering documents from any location at any time
  • Improved efficiency: Integration of EDM and EAM software allows access to up-to-date technical information and procedures directly from within a work order
  • Increased safety: Mobile access to as-maintained asset information ensures that technicians are working with accurate and current asset information, reducing safety risks
  • Better asset and maintenance data: Updated asset information captured at the job site reduces errors across multiple IT systems due to duplicative data entries
  • Streamlined workflows: Synchronized asset data reduces time spent sharing information across functions
  • Reduced total cost of ownership and IT spend: Cloud software implementation reduces capital expense and ensures that new functionality is available as developed without costly upgrade project

”Even the smallest change in operational efficiency, equipment uptime, or organizational responsiveness can dramatically impact manufacturers, and cloud-focused solutions offer opportunities to upgrade business-critical processes,” said Ed O’Brien, Director of Research for ARC Advisory Group. “Adopting cloud solutions across the enterprise will help manufacturers improve their operations, especially in areas such as maintenance where significant interactions between applications and people occur daily.”

Accruent serves more than 10,000 customers worldwide in markets including retail, manufacturing, corporate facilities and real estate, healthcare, higher education, public sector, utilities and telecommunications, providing comprehensive software solutions for the built environment. Accruent is a leading provider of integrated engineering document and asset management solutions for the manufacturing industry. Its Meridian EDM solution helps users manage more than 500 million technical documents and its manufacturing solutions are used by more than 650,000 professionals in fifty countries worldwide.

"Performance has never been more important for manufacturers. Any unplanned downtime can have a huge impact and maintenance costs are closely monitored," added Shamail Tahir, VP Product Management, Accruent. "Making asset information available from anywhere helps service and maintenance teams respond faster, complete their work in less time and assure that information relevant to worker safety is accurate and up-to-date.”